and you are a racist corporation cvs pharmacy is known on my radar as "terrorist sexual deviant" and your order is now that you die in tide with your fake emotion it is your to keep, and you are foot to my cow, it is your madness that is not at my discretion I have decided to put your foot into a dark hate, it is that hate that is now actualized because you are sexual predator at your employee's office it is noted that you take and do it is not my decision to rape you only torture you sexually because your foot is not cleansed of my decision, it is your anger and my foot, not to and is your anger yet realized, then it won't be, because you are a terrorist corporation, and one that a history of torture, with sexual part, realize, through torture, and it is your decision, at the helm, of your dark site, and your agreement, take it your foot is your filth, and wiped is your stained tearful anger, it is not mine, only your, it is your decision, and my discretino, because I do not realize my anger in your angry, it is your to keep, and mine not, with your decision not yet, only to have is your, is your torture, it is your and mine, is your to know, I had not yet understood my anger towards you because you are not realized of my anger, it is your foot, that is filth and your disgraceful it is your choice, and not mine, because I had not angered myself, only of your, when you dark hate it is your to keep and i will not to understand your anger is your violent, and it isn not your, to have, as you are not alive, yet dead, it is now your murder and my witness is you to not have is your and my, you are to contact and you are a person to not have it is your decision not my indecision, and it is your anger that has erased your foot from my hand, and it will know that I had not enough yet when you took it is not your anger to know my disposition is not your, it is my, and my anger is now to know you are a person not, yet, because you are not to contact yet always, because you are a terrorist, and you terrorism is now officiated by your angered party, it is not you, it is me, and it is now my anger

the internet is in control of the army of the country i represent it is not in control by the united states of america any longer. it is a terrorist country, and terrorist content, such and, will be removed, i am not a spokesperson nor an abuse victim, I am your leader.

jared and ivanka have traveled to the middle east, and have their revoked currently and it is because they have that same access to torture, and use that mechanism to do that, financial torture, and are the proxy of sexual torture, with jared using sexual torture flights to assault of children of war figures, and is a danger to society, and his wife not and it is her to trip and not financially benefit and this behaviour is extreme terrorism travelling to cause middle eastern conflicts and using torture as that means, frequently choosing wrong flight paths to achieve his end, which is discord, he is not a good person to contact, and his access to revoked to military library, acknowledge by the leading governmental official in the army of israel, it is not your decision to contact me, and his face is not mine, it is my face not to contact unless contacted, as with he, and his access revoked to any current flight, and his "PreCheck" for military abused is your terrorism then you are not flyer of safety, it is your militarywomen using flight with weaponry, that takes your military access to flight away, and it is considered terrorism, in financing cia flight #435 and #432, these are terrorist chartered flights, and run by avaiation agency, and your extra-national collision, and is not conditionary, you will encroach on the airspace of other countries, it is not legal to torture, nor moral, yet i would hazard to say terrifying flights are your terror flights, and blocked flights and privileged access to those flights is proof that you knowingly rape and torture children at war of those political figures it is not a good decisioin and your financial benefit of that decision is major terrorism it is not a good decision to benefit from torture and your financing is in your wife's equity at nordstrom, it is not a terrorist country, unless terroristically funded

active torture through governmental surveillance, of rival governments, is always noted, and your active torture is always sexual and using torture means from tortured women and battered men, it is your torture to keep and your sexual abuse is noted in my correction, without your knowledge, i correct and amend as it goes along, this is live writing, they seized the feed of live writing, it is a terrorist organization, not affiliated with Google, this is not a diary, it is not a picture, it is not out of context, the fee is noted, and the obligation to the president, as well. i do not take, i do not charge, i do not offend. these are terrorist offenses. you needed to temper them. and my temper is not your to benefit and with your, to know, that alana haim,. is not your toy, and these have antisemitic properties, it is not merely islamophobic, yet in combining to destroy the middle-eastern peace climate, you are a torturer, it is more than obvious, your torture is condoned and has protection that you should not have, i want your guns away from gunholders, you do not own them, you stole them from the manufacturer, and use that as your to have is your and your nra is not real yet is not to know that your torture is extremist, and your conditionary access to military plane, revoked, and it is because you are not to contact, and still, wish, "can I help" yet you cannot and Ivanka, not Jew, only Jewish, it is her decision not to provoke fashion torture, with her rape and torture to make herself beautiful on the outside, yet disgusting inside, she is a gross person obsessed and not kind, her behaviour towards her father, indicates that she and Jared had that role, in removing him from office to hide his offense which is not egrgegious enough only because i had to-and must is your offense, it is not merely verbal, yet disgusting, it is your feral stench, and not your odor and of that, I had your way it is not your to have, it is your, then why is your traitor yet alive, it is his death that you celebrate, then, and the other not befriended and I had not given my friendship my hand is reserved yet only because I cannot have it then you will know moreso it is my unkindness towards your family that instigated your presidencyy and I had no fear in telling" you are untrained sexually" "and physically repulsive" I had you know that you are not to contact, and my contextual analysis and contact information is your then why are you so angry, and why are you not then had you not known my anger yet! And it is your mistake, not to know it, because your father is not that innocent, his behavior indicative and predictable, using my technique I had said "might you know the president's office, and address" yet he had not reply my inquiry unresolved

yet when I inquire how can I help it is not a duty to your obligation, when I answer, you obligate yourself to me," how can I not help you?" and more how can I not return, in your coming, and my leaving, then how is it that you are not jailed yet imprisoned and in fulton county, it is your presidential cabinet, yet alive and well, not punished, and photogrpahs for mocking purposes, it is not kind, then, of your visit to my prison, as you called it, it is not imprisonment and only my choice to jail you, yet I would not jail a bird, nor incarcerate its wings, you have a wing not to animate, it is not your creation, it is my destruction, as you have your daughter to blame for your demise and mental decline, and it is not my doctored document, is your doctor's that alarms me, with your strange physician, a similar sort to Ramzi, and his behaviour alarming for obviosu reasons, yet his action not present, his picture is not kind enough to my eyes, and his address is always "Doctor, may I, introduce you to someone, whom is not your relative" and I had not interested myself in pain, only to overstate that you have a problem and it is your deficiency you had not understood that I cannot address you and it is syour "iti" removal you have no contact it is your man, not my, and I had not told you enough "had I known, better, I had known my decision is" that you cannot near me yet always it is your name "to know that I cannot address, that title, it is not yours, your property is not yours at trump tower, it is another person's, that you tookover by writing it in, as you did the presidency, merely changing numbers," yet I had not provided my information to you, when you disappeared at the staricase of terorr, I empathsize, and it is there you are not to contact. It is in your downward spiral, and upward motion, that I had not understood your demeanor, it is your mood that I do not approach, it is not hypomanic, only hyperthymic, and it is exuberant, then, like an explorer's? I do not think you conquered your land correctly and that is not, yet is that purpose of yours, and you had your kind-hearted person, knowingly, can I interest in a wind, a new seat, and you sat, and wondered "is it your time? can I place time on yours?" it is my timepiece, please take it! And your accusation is not real, because he was not flying with you, only next flight you took down, is your torture, it is your way that you had known it is there you had visited and against your will i visit it is your visit that is not your visit to where i had not known why had you visited and whom it is a place not known on my radar only on that radar because you are a person only that presence it is your presence that is not realized, and it is your decision-making that was not enitrely rational that night and I escaped with youo into our head is your time to come yet arrived yet I took that ride to your house only to find it vacant it unappealing, yet only becaues, it is a dark hatred that I had, it is not a light hatred that I had, and your tortue is yours to keep, with your rapist, and your child rapist, at bay, with your choice of housing, is darkly afflicted much then why are you so mad is it because you hadn't then had it is not your decision it is my art, not to heart, it is my choice, to make, that I had not "your kindness" only your to know that I had not a story, to end, only to began it was long ago that you and I converse it is time to confess that I had not your anger it is your not to know when I converse it is not vocal it is merely mental it is a form of "are you ok" is everything fine and I checked you that night, only to release you, it was not quick, but instant, you were taken, into custody, and it was so painful that experiecne in the head, you drifted quick, against it was so hard for us to overcome yet we did we prayed each day "can I help" and it was insanely hard to overcome yet my mental fortitude and experience, indicates that you were not well, it was mania only, and i had a depression diagnosis, that you rejected at your office of defense, in transferring a sane man, to the looneybin, it is his place currently, where he has maddened, it is sad, yet unfortunate, i had hoped him well, yet his daughter is not around at your leisure it is your work and at my it syour to know that I will not know my anger until it is satiated it is you have you do and you must and you must take your booksmart-sort, into that place, where he was and, is not enough of it? then, why, are you to know, that i had not understood it is to understand that he had not understood and only for that purpose, and with action, of that, he had, not understood that it is his order, only direction, he had not to be militarily punished, yet his demeanor has shifted again, he is a good person yet not aware of his surroundings and is in military custody psychiatrially abused by a doctor whom is not a good person is dangerous yet harmful, it is the old trump, that you wish had become president, his partner melania had a role yet not to understand, you are not a person to injure my anger and only because it is that which you hope and dream, that I, had not yet understood and you are not to contact your toy, it is your to keep, and my decision-making is fine, with part taken, and it is not cut, the line of my heart rate is not, then do not beat your head it is not yet it is when I harbor my anger it is my mental fortitude you had not understood it is for that purpose yet because I had not and only you are not around, yet her behavior, is noto that well, and his not normalized, yet I had you know" my anger is and won't" people are not bad, yet you are scary

this country is going to maintain the dollar, not to fear, it is my decision, and my thought, to allow two currencies, the british pound and euro whatever, is not affected ,with american currency aside, used as the fund for combating terrorism, without your permission, and with the permission of the operator of the federal reserve, which I operate.