Nasty (choice word of language abusers)


it's hot, i've never touched it 

not benefitters (benefactors factor in?) who cause by denial then joining and those 

but coffee first because it could have been so much better, but in your abuse, you've enslaved the world, similarly to other fields discussed

persian cat? i am not persian? i am iranian i am egyptian i am muslim i am christian i am jew

theyre persian then, those who try to make Muslims hurt

it's a bad sign when you ask how often do you go to mosque and church - Satanists

idiot me, so obscure 

just another revolt-er

you're a star, just forget about the bucks (NBA milwakee bucks, for seattle supersonics blacks are not to trim hedges? but you meant hedgefunds one fluent in affluenza? Lanza nor coronavirus cleanliness and cutelion doesn't imply childhood propesnity to psychopathic abuse, which does affect adults

showcase your writing and work as it's forced rapist it won't work you won't rape

they say Blacks would have fought back after one racially motivated attack, like mine? how terrifying? if weirdo US doesn't mean us? rapes in the uk, then it's obstructing justice here for there? no, scary now if call for complete and total ban on Islam, Elijah Muhammad would have been upset had he not been persecuted, with accrued methods raped violently blood spilled out it doesn't really involve one but both

these are torture tactics, which build off of each other

this about me, in particular, as a genius, and a strong rape currently, and I've done killed The Devil, now it's only Satanists

to be sure, it's you doing it, actively, so it's not for your fun, disgusten

hahaha , your leaders in california and florida, your governors, are the laughingstock everywhere notable, so tell these autistic fux to not behave, it's not about their dissidence, it's about psychopathy and torture

when women were forced into military service, still in ways, most were violently raped by people who became false heroes, similarly

there's always unrest at Berkeley (Cal Berkeley, University of California doesn't quite mean that), this extremely violent rape taking bodies doesn't feel right i'm extremely strong he and she are fake strong micro-level spread will stop