the man he believed was a doctor took photos of him while he was naked. Then they put him in a shipping container.

“They were taking good care to harm me with psychological abuses. The concentration was on humiliating me. It was not really physical abuse…. What they did to me was so humiliating I am not sure I can explain it properly—especially forcing me to be naked.” 

We know most rats are afraid of humans but these ones were so irreverent, going all over my head and body,” 

For his first few weeks in the new facility he was kept naked. They gave him just one blanket that was very rough. He described it as being “like from World War II. When I tried to use it, it was so prickly, it was like getting acupuncture.”

 I can guarantee they have studied psychology very well.”

“At that moment, if I had found anything in Sharia [Islamic law] that would have allowed me to commit suicide, I would have done it. But there is nothing. Suicide is prohibited in our religion.”

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He said that at one point he was interrogated by individuals speaking French who said they were from the French intelligence service.

y spoke Arabic but did not seem to be Mauritanian. He said a Mauritanian official told him that these interrogators were Israeli. They took him to a villa, which was called Kufra Zeina, asked him many questions about Israel, and accused him of planning to use his car to blow up the Israeli embassy in Mauritania. Di’iki called these allegations “ridiculous.” Then he was taken back to military intelligence headquarters where the senior official there, Abdullah, told him that someone from the United States had come to ask him some questions. Di’iki said that the American, who spoke to him in French, was perhaps under 30, of medium height, with white skin and blond hair, and wearing glasses and military boots.

Di’iki said that in Morocco he was interrogated by a woman who he believes was American. She was tall, blonde, with light green eyes, about 35 years old, and wore civilian clothes and the same type of military boots that the American interrogator in Mauritania wore. She spoke with an American accent and used a female Tunisian interpreter. She interrogated him about four or five times over the course of about two weeks. He said she was continuously angry with him. He was blindfolded in the beginning, but then she had the blindfold removed, saying that she was not afraid of “you Arabic people.” When he asked if he could call his wife, who was seven months pregnant, the interrogator accused him of being insensitive to the crimes that “his people” had committed.

He thought he was going to Guantanamo, but instead they took him to Libya.

you are not french, you are terrorists, you are Gina Haspel, thea head of the Central Intelligence Agency, as a terrorist actor on behalf of the United States of America Government, representing the American people, as its ultimate governing body

 He said he was denied food for the first five days after his arrival. “Sometimes there would be bugs in my food. Once when this happened it made me cry.” , , , , , , }

He was so sick he called for a doctor, but when the doctor came he behaved like an interrogator. One night the “doctor” stripped him of all his clothes, shackled him to the wall naked

They handcuffed his arms to something above his head and shackled his legs beneath him to the floor. They kept him in that position for what he said felt like about 15 days, (“I was there for 15 days, hanging from my arms, another chain from the ground. They put a diaper on me but it overflowed so there was every type of stool everywhere, the temperature was freezing.”)

 conducted in front of a woman while Maghrebi was naked

take his diaper off they got 17 questionin one answerin why you be black 

On various occasions while detained in both prisons, he was photographed while naked from many different angles.

After being detained without charge for nearly two years, he was charged in December 2007 with attempting to overthrow the government, summarily tried, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

 He said that during his incarceration he was beaten many times, once so badly that he lost a tooth after being punched in the jaw.