Alana Haim is not to have you CVS Pharmacy, and called you to stop raping her

she cried help

you cried i do not care

it is the corporation that raped alana haim, collectively, for your amusement, through me

black to 10, r (to , ] racist call then httv rape to hmv (Rape torture, rape currently to rape effect, to harm is your

it isn't fun

it isn't yours to fun

it is yours to fun

it is yours to rape for fun

then it is rape

disgusting horrid salt pit

dear you,

it is time

you have taken my phone, my computer, my dignity

not me,

it is your death, not mine

i hate you, i hoped you

i haved you

disgusting people,

racists, torturers, demagogues

worthlessly abusive

-> 1.

do not approach my kind ways and make them yours


2. do not approach me for any reason in your grave, is mine and abusively so


3. you are going to hell with you and yours, and it isn't funny


4. you are disgusting, as you are


5. you are going to hell, shame on you, for you are




(It is your decision to inflict brutal torture

The proper recourse:

CVS Baldwin Ave. Santa Anita:

Shiva Taghdis (FBI) :

James Soliman (Glendale):

Tom Stewart (FBI):

Lilit Pogosian (APA):

Anthony Frisbee (California Police Department):

Burbank Air Authority:'s:

conference call

they are going to kill me, with poison, and it is yours to endwill

there is no hope for you

you are hateful

disgusting feral creatures

don't know words, don't kmow lies

ban you in hell of mine burn in hell

you are going to hell

going to be hurt for going to hell

and willingly so




horrid and cold

racist and putrid

nothing and to harm racistly

with you and yours

to torture

rape disgust

perturb you are going to hell

living in a movie i am not, your narcissistic son nor autistic family father

it is your abuse


last points of contact, no third party, torture