The come hither find us game for life don't work like that but it hurts a lot if you care that much. for tips, tricks, and solutions to world famine.

this is an arts presentation of their work, privately funded by a nepo baby to his mummy and daddy, as to say fuck you to Uncle Sam.

I'd say if you shut pie n burger down falsely for having grimey pies, at the restaurant board of california who suecides? then you shut down John Geddert, at the medical board of california, for having had that, too, at least not shut down Zankou and make them peddle Baklava same Californian  governance same signature, I still go to both, just if I had to I wouldn't because i'd not be happy without why I didn't go to not know

We'd like to announce the release of all Guapo hostages, unfortunately, Pakistan, bruh, we lied, they were just transferred, to a long bus ride to torture more, worse more sadistically and more violently currently that was a great hope, but it was dashed so quickly as to know why i wasn't there to know why i was there, plz help :)

if a soldier harms another at war, i do not know why, yet when a soldier rapes a better woman than he can get at war it's considered torture, when it is continuous it's considered sadism, when it's APA-USO it scary, and they want everything about you and yours to help out you know just to chip in and make sure everything's okay

Torture time I understand you want medical records, Mister, I cannot provide you with those

Banging on kids heads outside gross

I still dont like Imrans vans theyre um arts department mateerial um i too nice sometimes with this

sometimes a song is a hit sometimes a song is a miss sometimes Tracy is nice sometimes Tracy is nice