There is no ability to have. You are not to be had. Your narcissism is not mine. I am not yours. The United States is a personal decision. I am not your person. I am not your thing. I am your toy to not be had. Toy with me, and be had. 

This situation has devolved. I am not your devolvement. I am not your involvements. And shamefully don't attract me to a flame, that doesn't fire. I am not your toy, to be had. That was not called for, and I did not call for that medicine. This is a terrorist organization, involved in a terrorist government. It is not a sudden takeover, nor someone's insurrection. I respect governments. I respect structure. I respect health.

The proper means of health here is; This osteopathic field is not real. It is a fake field.

I have ended American medicine. This osteopath is not a psychiatrist. Osteopaths do not practice psychiatry. The university is a corrupt university. I corrupt universities, that is untrue. I am a truth-teller, not someone interested in American money. That said, I will not tolerate abusers of American money, and also those asisst them, with each known and unknown becoming known. This is not a corrupt person whom you befriended, and also the person you can't corrupt is your befriended. I will not tolerate abuse, nor become an abuser, as those are terrorism charges that I would directly if I am you. Luckily, I am not, nor am I affiliated with you. I only befriend the befriended, and that's how this cycles circles. Do not contact me, nor my befriends, and befriended you and I. This is a corrupt universe, that is not true. This is the end of times, this is not true, this is the beginning of times, through it's saviors, those who've been persecuted without anyone noticing but me, and not averse to torture myself. Annoy me, toy with me, those are expressions and linguistics are to stay away from us, and also from torture, as terrorism is not allowed near me nor I nor you.