Dr. Jamison, you are requested to talk to the Central Intelligence Agency, as someone who knows how to stop terorrism, domestically, internationally, and internally! People who mishandle classified documents? People who are unclassified, but truly so? Welcome to the Headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, you are not paranoid. You are entitled. You are smart. You are healthy! 

(Hurting people isn't funny, nor are hurt people, , (soulfulness always, because of weird } I do not abuse people, but I see a lot of it in her, in her listeners, ..People who kill are scary, act tough, lie compulsively, shoot down opinions, don't do much for others (but make others think they do, with tricks), (Taylor Swift is not a good person, rather she is a person who has a fancy for hurting souls that are very potent, people in high positions, but without the desire for fame, similar to financial conartists: people who could have everything shan't dismay, because a person with emotional profundity doesn't make grandiloquent displays of power and sabatoge lives under the pretense of saving them, ruining people for success, and getting away with it, that's the difference, at least one reason why people are afraid to confront her about what she's done and how she makes art that isn't true, emotionally meaningful (stolen meanings

[People do not hear sounds anymore

people who abuse others who take advantage of others who harm other, listen up, people who control others, people who ridiculously truncate others' diaries' words, who control people with clicks, clacks (i am unimpressed. i am worthy of. i love. i do. i wish, 

sometimes when people get scared, they don't get scared (they really don't, and it's not just that, (do not fear, because they are weird.

stealing isn't right, but "his bright light," something is always right, especially when people are stunned, not played.  

I am respected, but, you are the weirdest little thingster who things that people are toys at stores and you drinks stories to steals steel danielle steel's writings (People who have no emotions are so callous and aggressive, portraits of anger, people who have no self-respect, liars who kill, just for pleasure, like you - mr. solemnman, you scoundrel, you lowlife, you trickster, you abuser, you narcissist, you scary things, you conglomeration of everything sinful, you spiritual deviant, you thug, you destroyer, you monster, you monster! you don't deserve what you don't really have, only what you had (and what's that? nothing before having everything, because you sold other souls to regain others even, and that's terrifying, Ivan The Terrible. you are not a person, even, just a terrible tyrant, and all I have left to say is, "Why?" Because I couldn't figure it out forever, that you were so terrifying, and that's terrorism in itself, but please stay away from my soul, as it is private, not to be toyed with [abuse is scary, especially yours, Devil

(please note that @solimanswisdom has a post of only a "glock," which is not legal for someone in his unearned position, someone who used people to abuse people who isn't an innocent..but is a pariah (Reports ignored, people appeased, to what avail? to dissipate the veiled threats that are personally scary?