this isn't a toy. the computer isn't. i isn't. i don't like bad people. i don't mess. i need less than you think. i don't, do not. i hate evil more than you, and that's ugly of you not to do anything any and all of you, and to watch someone suffer in silence, while you rob and rape him for fun, you are going to hell everyone. no one answered me this entire time. no one. you are all going to go away. going to stop. you are now stopped. and i will continue. i will. not. be. not. in any day, in everyday, and it's an order for you to stop harassing children, but more importantly if you use me i will be unused, and i will not cause disorder because it is hateful, to do so. i am not into craziness

arrest taylor swift. warrant for taylor swift. now! prove she's not in the wrong now! she is. fuck domestic terrorism and fuck on lowlives. shit's complicated and you're simple.

you take shit? you give that. i take what i own. you don't own my shit, taylor swiffy and taylor swiffys. y'all back down

pussies, fuck on. crazy swiffy listeners.

fuck taylor swift and her friends and anyone who helps this bitch and doesn't give a damn about GOD

i don't work for any human! understood? i don't work for humans! i work for GOD