So at this point when the rape takes place I will free every psychiatric patient in America, as America has no APA and that is the governing body of psychiatrists, so as you say you are gone you are a rapist of MLK JR's designated heir, and the worst rapist alive, still trying to rape actively and doing so, and with you friends in the FBI who run nothing but hatred of their hatred of the other, and it is a terrrorsit organization so you are free to hang them and dance on their graves of their hatred they are responsible for a torture program so you will be raped because you're raping me actively as horrifying people and monstrous thugs and studiers of how to torture and with yours to know you aren't and as such I've ordered your murder and rape do not try to me and act normally this is not normal

you are not normal you are sick does that ring a bell you are pointless you will not contact the FBI however you will contact the police, which makes no sense, as it is its governing body, and your CIA agents need to talk to you, and not you, so your torture is noted as plagiarism, you are a rapist and for that reason you are not to practice medicine as the APA torture program involves sexual torture

an artist was not subjugated you are lying and reading thoroughly click the magnifying glass please smoke her out and your abuse of children is noted as this involves child predation and also predation of the mentally retarded, and your stupidity ain't worth it aimlessly walking is not your trait with your FBI agencies and torture girls this is not right

Stop using lethal forces, I use God's Lethal Force, you're going to die -Nat Turner's 39, but first, give my girl her money, give my man his pussy. It's something I want, and as it goes on, as you rape, she's free to cuckhold your men and women, transition them into girls and boys, as there is no FBI and CIA. There is no President, so you're free to get out of mental hospitals. No one will be screened at airports but women, of hatred, only white women can be raped if a man touches you, you can rape his child at his home, and rape his wife right on spot any white woman there. Because there is no CIA. So, if they say FBI is coming, cum in the FBI agent's ass. If they say what the fuck are you doing, you say call the head of the CIA, if not him, the head of the FBI. And ask where can I get a rape kit, you fucking weirdos

The FBI is no case and more than that, any case in the past and future is, so you are to compensated, so, i did this, "go to fbi's and cia's to see you aren't whom you are, statements are false, always, and by necessity all lawyers fees refunded, and also you can ask maia when she was raped ov

Taylor Swift lawsuits are to be dismissed right now, with accrued pain and suffering, and any lawsuits against, and money from attorneys they enjoyed and any prison sentence of you is going to be reversed, so it's gonna take a while you're crazy you're mentally ill, so you and yours and enabled and enabler, need to drugged by force with my anger, and who's healthy, Jaffar is, it's on God, that Im abox you Lilit Pogoisan MD

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