they say i ain't fresh, but i'm fresher than most, i make most look less, and less look lesser,

this is about sexual abuse and perversion, and this ain't friendly dick no this dick scary

fuck you up, boy girl man woman replacer, rapists disgusting i ain't fuck with an old perverts forever nah that shit for fucking violent sorts, this is for the Truly Innocent; those who love dance, and loving dances are so; do you do do you do and can you do is the better question

well, i can't more than this, sort of thing, do you want more than that? is that even more than you thought you could have, because you're worth so much more than gold, and silver is a paperweight, but gold is heart, so stay golden, stay sweet, and please don't abuse one another because of someone else's abuse to the other, and more don't harm the environment, like animals then love animals like trees then plant trees for the animals who are to be eaten by your friends only, only then you'll see their hate stopped, as they are so abusive, so cowardly, so destructive, so fake, so feral, so disgustingly odd, that i would never near them irl, just don't, like isolate them sorts, is a good solution? is it? do you isolate haters, yep, trade them into monsters and weirdos, not really but more than they will ever be is what i'd say it couldn't; i couldn't help but wonder why the wonder is gone that day, and why people stopped wondering; is it because they are wonderful people you haven't met in you, or without you? i want to be with and without you, but not in you, so strange and beautiful life is strange and beautiful now, not just either/or no more math science to confuse, just honesty and dances, lots of that, but also lots of dishonesty and charlantry still present, and i don't want that abuser to still abuse, neither, nor do i want that abuser to find other victims nor people to call "themselves victims to becoming an abuser," doesn't make sense, and i also hate so many more things now, like moon, stars, equator, hotspots, grey areas, and signatures of celebrities signing off for now and i think it's time i pass the baton to the Jew in charge of this operation, Jesus Christ