You made up the whole Goldie case to kill me and her and Israeli peace relations, and that is not excused, give her Capital One NOW, while I toil in the fields of your scaries, at least sponsor her tour and my website design initiative

Do you ever wonder why you feel so high, you lazy, shiny Nordstrom shoppers, this is your sexual torture

I am not she; nor are you, he. I'm with him, doesn't mean that. And it's Maya's, $, no?

i am not president of coptic club, taylor swift, is not president of coptic club, only united states of america sierra madre women's club, where bill and hilary are not to know chelssea football, it is not your rugby, to fight compulsively for self-ownership!

To predate mentally on the innocent happiness of children, you brought her along from the CIA, using targeted race tactics