"808's and Heartbreak" - There is no foul language intentionally. "School Spirit" was wrongly censored. "Donda" has no parental advisory, a rare feat in rap album that isn't purely gospel, but it wasn't successful and critically derided because of spiritual themes and -isms. Do you think an atheist would like it? Will Smith never used foul language in his most influential career. It does not mean you're soft. It means you're strong. You have a wide vocabulary, and are able to adapt. You know Will Smith did use a few bad words, in films. Chris Rock returned the clean version! Mistake!... Nor did "Jesus Is King," still a leading seller in gospel music, also a Kanye project devoid of hurtful words and bad language. Audiences are different. Music is tailored appropriately. Even in the clean versions of "Folklore" and "Midnights" which are buried and/or not sold anywhere, . Children are not allowed to listen to these songs. The thematic elements of violence and revenge and over-confidence are not easy to stop, as we can see with Marilyn Manson's. A rating system like in the movies needs to be carried into musical releases. It's been too long! Previous efforts were kind of scared. I came up with everything on these pages myself, by the way. Intellectual plagiarism or of any kind is scary. It is violent. It robs people of their dignity. It robs others of their emotionality and depths. You aren't to steal and harm, and hide and claim others' works as your own. Your friends shouldn't enable you, and abuse their power, too, in this way. Some are victims. Many aren't. Be wiser. Don't fall victim to victimhood.

" O for 'occult' content "


Report cybercrime to the FBI. It is your duty as American citizens. Taylor Swift is the most powerful person in the world. More powerful than the United States's President. She has too much power. She is a tyrant who must be stopped at any cost. The FBI needs you to report any instances of cybercrime. It is your duty as American citizens. Do not get violent. Control yourselves. Revenge is not an American characteristic. We seek Justice, not Revenge. Do not feel obligated to listen to her. This isn't metaphorical. Her lyrics and words and actions have terrifying effects on others. She has killed people. She has made people hurt themselves. She scares everyone into obeying her and not speaking now. She never speaks. She is reticent. She does this to quiet you. You have to speak now. Cybercrime has links to criminal activities of all sorts. She doesn't report any of the cyberbullying, because she originates it. She needs to be held accountable. Do not be fooled by seemingly kind gestures or the reticence. There is nothing behind it, nothing to back us up. She has originated the most "cyberbullying" since the internet's inception. Politicians are shady, by nature, they are regulated. Donald Trump rose to power for a reason, because he lusted for it and abused it in every way. The nicest are the same. They are the cruelest, and are watched over by the FBI. Don't play with the malleable minds of children. Don't listen to fake mother. Listen to your real one. Your minds are too fragile to listen to anything related to any semblance of not staying strong..Don't get sad, get even? No. Get sad. Feel emotions. Explore them. Be emotional. Don't let your anger hurt yourselves and/or other people! You are not going to cover up your white-collar crimes. I reported you to the FBI. Not a fan. You.

Merry Christmas

That's the holiday we celebrate as Americans.

Not Halloween. Devils will perish and run cowardly, far, far, into the abyss


Baby, WATCH YOUR BACK. i'm covered and so are the angels. NOT THE MONSTERS. watch your backs

the fbi doesn't pander to anyone! remember that. not even the united states president.

the cia doesn't fuck with anyone.

they are clandestine, hiding. they? are not there


it is not halloween it is christmas

i am not alive. i am alive but dead. do you understand, Taylor?don't let us be sad. do you want us to be sad? Do you want sadness, not happiness?

Era's Tour is Released to YouTube and Posted on TaylorSwift.com and It's Automatically Viewed, too. Before The Tour, not Just The WorldWide 1. Stream? Care? Money? Money? Money? Money? Money? HATE AND APATHY AND LURING YOUNG CHILDREN TO AN ADULT-THEMED SHOW. Kanye completed university until the age of 20. His mother is a single mother, a celebrated African-American Professor of English, Fulbright Scholar. Kanye West grew up in China, where she was a Visiting professor of English.