talks with james bond villain, malek, rami, to color the perception that they don't understand the impact of their actions, to make it even more clear they are terrorists, and the hierarchy of victims and heroes, so distorted, masked villains i guess is the name of the game, if you're here working with

hypnotists are frequently employed and it's so easy to be a hypnotist, it's just that no one does, it involves a great deal of narcissistic abuse, not much talent, only in proper hands is it done well, like with Mr. Derren Brown, who these all are repudiated by, and they are not "magicians" strictly abusive

i have "interest" in the field, no i'm a Nobel-Prize sort, a genius that won't be seen again in this form historically

Pfizer has repudiated Dr. Kay Jamison, the leader in psychiatric medicine, and also Dr. Nassir Ghaemi vehemently, employing doctors who will livestream their representation, and Taylor Swift is literally Mrs. Pfizer (Ms. to be corrective) and ironically Mr. Pfizer doesn't need mollification, because drugs exist that can treat narcissism and antisocial personality disorder, like the proper treatments, which should be OTC, not to mention failed CBD investigations (the proper CBD investigation, which would stop drug addiction, and drug cycles) intentionally to kill kids

I did not mean legal obligation nor forced conversation nor harassment by Drs. Jamison and Ghaemi, but it would seem logical, considering their Mr. Pfizer

MI5-6? is not mi6 and mi5 together, just proper and Innocent

full information sought (just being honest): 1996 Thurgood Marshall Graduate

i dunno y i wanna just but it's really not to be a hero, nor me a suspect victim, suspect meaning homo and/or bi-sexual and/or "she" transexual as suggested twice by Med Board

fakes will be fakes, the same intentionality originally, work with those mentioned and they don't, against, still, fake

it seems as if you fall asleep you can be brutally raped and tortured by a racist sexual deviant psychopath, just narrowly missed

you aren't celebrating me, you are mocking me