had her devilish work not gained media traction, then their sacred wedding vow would forever be destroyed and the defenseless would remain so. This wasn't an overlay; it was from the original dance. THE KILL WASN'T DONE ACCIDENTALLY. Taylor directed the operation from the beginning, then re-wrote it to seem heroic, your last hope, your savior. She is not your hero. She is your anti-hero. She didn't pay them back for that which she stole. Nor for their hard work, trying to restore their souls. You stole from someone's heart. You tried to dismantle their dreams. Then after fans' clamoring, you seemed like God. You are scary. The original heart-murder, soul snatching stands, and you let your haunting past linger. Where did the claim come from, Taylor? What's sacred must remain. Why do they think you're at fault? Are they scared of you? That's not healthy. Don't blame-shift. How did Shane Dawson's weird video get put up again? Are you playing games? Thanks for clarifying this all. And telling. Because if you don't, what can be believed? Will everyone seem crazy? You are not the arbiter of life. You are not God.