So it's hard, too hard, almost unbearably hard - like what? like what? What is love, and? What is love, and love I know. I know Love; it is What I Said It Was, What I Know. How dare you, little thing, try to change my definition of God; it's static, it's real, it's Love.

Moving on, hatred, moving on from hatred, moving on from that dreadful talk, I want nothing to do with Warfare, violence, violence none of that stuff. None of that stuff - to remember, stuff like this kills. And, uh

I don't wanna kill u, he, she, or whomever - it's sort of a Biblical Commitment

Such a commitment requires me to quit. 

Not quit life, not quit "abusing others," because I don't know how (only how to Love, as I said, God's Love is My Love. - My Love Is Your Love, like Bobbi Kristina). So, as times goes, and people grow, so do I - out of an outdated institution, as times goes, and people grow, so do I - out of an outdated institution - not Church, which isn't an institution, but for instance institutionalizing others - in jails in unkind, locked places

I say the 9-5 Hustle, has lost its luster, and I'll take the pension - and go, not? No, no, no - singsung, and echoed through not doing that bullshit, any bullshitery of that type

(Nothing grandiose here, and not us, God.)