we doin the fed roundup of the feds, yea niggas we official, we officially officials

this shit mine all mine all fucking mine all fucking mine you fucking play your troll ass gone get whipped by a former slave nigga, brown niggas god

look i know he brown he look too different see what you can do, and i do what i do lock my captors, if you have a gurney, call it wheelchair stephen hawking as blow cover, nah

i hear aubrey soft as plaza like horton plaza, where they trick and trap a nigga on meds to fuck up their own hatred of niggas, real niggas to racially bate and torture the world, with her fucking prick ass, and her niggers and sluts, those who hate everyone and everything except their bullshitting asses, like when someone hates you you're supposed to not hate him back, yet you continually did for that piece of shit over there, who was not abused, but a helper to kill others, too, and y'all knew that too fucking racests, to rape that other woman, without anyone watching, mi6 watching now, but out for us, not us, i got that wipedown for you, and i know you hate a bitch, you hate a nigga, as you are the darkest fuck, a person without any interests anything to talk about but your ugly side lifestyles, which is analogous to a terorrist's, suggesting you have terrorists operative in your network, which will be erased from canada after now, to know that you are a racist a homophobic homosexual isn't right to say precisely, because you are scary, and that means you don't care to know others that well, indicating you're prejudiced; saying that, i'd say this guy is fucking scary, and likes to kill for fun, not for self-protection, and has done so violently before too, indicating he is a scary person, not a friend of anyone's ever, and not nice, just not a real artist, nothing was the same is dr. kay jamison's, and he is a fucking person devoid of emotions, and is illustrative only not realistic, a person without kindness, only lack of kindness, and also very uninteresting and definitely dark, but not lolo soetero way, the other way, he is a satanist who wants people to knw he ded, a person who hates others, meaning those who know more, those who know depths of experience, a person who knows too much for some reason all the time(s)s and someone who hates indiscriminately, and crazily like of Kanye West, and also someone who wants more than he deserves always and probably tried elsewhere too often, often hurting people for no reason, but it doesn't mean that devil ded

it's fully possible that nigga got that fake story kinda shit because this nigga enabled af, taylor swift white, think it mean shine movie nigga, like can he even use that word, even that one

just suspend them get "it" over with doesn't work like that for various reasons because investigated is over (inplus this isn't about murder of the most innocent, as that bitch doesn't give a damn, like me, i do not give a damn about this, and i will see you away for just being weird, ugly motherfucker(s)s who wan smoke with me - no one apparently ,moving on to hope and dreams and love and passion, not cruelty and despairing madness, as you are worst. and when i mean worst, i mean worst thing imaginable, and i couldn't have imagined that kind of abuse, becaue i'm raised too well, such a good damn son and brother, literally and figuratively

when you switch hands or don't or celebrate olympics against will, like you've ordered, ima let you finish, you ain't finnish you some bitch terrorist(s)s who ain't make no sense, but do make sense after, and now before, because of MI6's Mina

I want all the names of relatives that FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis has visited homes of, as well as personally, of friends, and any help similarly in the past from Lilit Pogosian MD, and it's likely Taylor Swift has done the same obvi