Victims of psychological torture, or abuses, and sexual pedophilias are not to be rewarded, nor does it make you weak to state, so let others know, there are pedophile networks actively investigating Taylor Swift and Matty Healy, some criminally, just to know that you aren't to torture anyopne with gaslighting charades lies abuses of innocent intentionality, so your sex crimes have been noted, and you are not immediately pretending to be johnny depp, and in as an empowered group, falsely so, against not for internationalism, for violent nationalism. ronan farrow is indeed a genius in the area of sexual abuse, and that's why he tells people not to contact the FBI

i want you to stay away from all documents of abuse, because people don't change after committing heinous acts against kiddos, the innocent, as you are documented abusers indeed, who hate everything, go against the grain, enshame, portray yourselves in the worst ways, like Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson, as us, heroes.

I ain't fuck with you in a million years, you're so fucking unattractive to me, but it's only reflected in your physical representation, I am not going to be enslaved to make you look attractive or get wet, i know it's not something I should be forced to do, like a rape kinda, sexual healing for someone who wants it be by force, to prove ugliness wins? nope.

league of champions, you are doing great; you are so cool! you make certain people graceful, and work harder than others, who are violent, pretend to befriend, but are actually clowned and laughed at

and i know i'm prettier, it's just that you're silly, but you don't aggravate, just make me better God