i wanna read a book about birds too

i wanna read a book about bird hunters? not really

but an illustrated book about birds. birdy nam nam is a bird to me, and birds are animals that deserve respect. you're not a bird, fantasia, you ain't a pigeon, i love you

fantasia barrino gentlewomen and dudes, and she deserves the world :) hi can we talk i talk here and i wan talk to you, go ahead free yourself i wanna go ahead free yourself someone else? they ain't the singer i love you it's alright

you sing gooder than me and her, so your my favorite honestly, brandy ain't bad ya she is

she says what i feel which is love so thanks for you brandy norwood northwood what's it called rosewood that was the shit yea i liked that one i like yours too your suit in have you ever you were the pioneer haha mary j blige they're cool thanks it's a emergency to be good again to you yes fuck yes