Taylor Swift is not her friend is not Phoebe Bridgers is not Jack Antonoff is not Tree Paine is not Douglas Albridge is not Gavin Newsom is not Chaliz Taghdis is not Brian Warner is not Johnny "Marilyn Manson's Best Firend" Depp is not Lilit Pogosian MD is not Coptic Church Pope is not Taylor Swift's couch-series performance of Travis Kelce's "Karma" with Ice Spice and you have to listen or you'll have to calm down and you'll have to be hospitalized and taken by police car to the airport for further evaluation(s)s, at the military site, where you son under arrest, guided by his current partner, Alana "flat butt" HAIM, and NFL leaders and in this performance Taylor will make you do what you think you can't, using her racist friend Matty Healy, and the Squarespace CEO, whom will invade your privacy, and see you away, at the MI6 Headquarters, where there is as list of suspected terrorists just forwarded from Armaapo and the whole of the American Medical Association, protected Kristina Lawson, and this will be filmed by academy-award winner Paul Thomas Anderson, with acting provided by a regaeton artist 6ix9ine and music provided by Nordstrom employees, with attire cleaned by necessity and any connections to Mother Angelica have been noted. Thank you for your cooperation in the United States goverment. See you soon, honey.