You are not weak. When people hurt you, you are strong. It's a way for them to make money and sex and love real for them again. They are sick in the head. They do not stand for you and me. They are not us. They fake being us. They want us to die. Just for kicks. It's gross and weird. They do not understand humanity, is our comfort. But it's true. They do. They want it all, just for fun. It's fucking terrifying. But our souls will travel to an afterlife, where our patience and goodwill will be rewarded. I do not tolerate it. And neither should you. You are not the victim. You play it. You play the hero. You are not my hero. You are my anti-hero. You sing to kill. You sing to abuse. Everything is written, but no one appreciates it. It stays and persists. It is not the audience's fault. It's everyone else's

You sit there. You wait. You wait for a change. It doesn't come. It comes and goes, the fake love. 

Sooner or later, someone will answer your prayers. You pray to God. It's not that she prays to the Devil, because that would be tiresome. But she adheres to evil. And that's even worse. She sharpens her knives, while ours are dulled. It's so abusive

People wait for a change. But it never comes. We're trapped in an abusive relationship, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting It's never coming, people don't change too quickly. Sooner or later, our souls will wither while hers is glorified by the next group of victims

And there's nothing left. All will be taken, and we'll be disregarded

The government answers no one. When attacked, it's forced to wait. To see. They have power it can't exercise when morally repulsed. It's not it's fault the world became evil, but it's forced to subjugate voices and abuse, in tandem, because there is no other hope besides hatred. Sooner or later, hatred will dissipate and people will heal. But it's an arduous process.

Anti-heroes spring up from time to time. They find holes in society. Little areas to start attacks. The anger of the victims isn't real, remember that. It's a way of self-preservation.

In tandem, the government protects the abuser. It's necessary, because otherwise the abuser will abuse more. Hiding reality is not a thing that is done

People who protect abuse victims are hard to come by. They are discredited almost immediately. They lose their health, in the process. But they're fine with that, some by necessity, some voluntarily

If everyone is able to fight back, then the world would be lovely. But very few people can, because they lack the knowledge or are too hurt. Don't take advantage of the healers, too, and don't pretend to be one.

People who make a career out of healing others often hurt them. It's a way of asserting control, and becoming super abusive. Once in a while, a life is saved. Too often, though, a life is taken. 

You can report them. But people with the ultimate power don't give a shit sometimes. They can become abusers, too.

Hopes are there. Have fun. Don't participate in their abuse. And heal your friends, please. Staying abusive isn't cool, and finding a dream to believe in is.