and yet you are torture because you cannot allow the prospect of freedom from torture only chains and you make a whip taken to your anger posted in your peace it is yet describe your peace to become anger only to take of it your angry party it is yet you may not enter only if entered and it is you may not only not take anything you slave you sit and relax as i take your rapehood violently you are that torturer and itiis my that you had only sicken yourself to death and it isn't my doing only my taking as you go i wished you away it is yet that torture you take is yet mine to not want listen to take and injure rape and torture your peace artist is yet that torture artist fake and troture enable money to harm physically and sicken actively murder is yet a toy then of yet another poison pill? that is yet described in your doing can you give me a peace keeping name and a name of your torture and it is yet a part of your hood to hang on your hangar. 

no contest to a sick party unable to discern health disgusted of money you cannot take and that letter of yours is your inscription that is not yet your capability to understand feeble is not you only party and as such your party has been renamed after your 51 hours of torture to my choice at the un and i do in fact own your rights to signature and only in my name as your are inept unemotional only not tortured that torturer not to find as your legal guardian of america to take your health consideration into and allow mina do as he wishes with the party of yours not tortured remember you are not a victim you are a party of that that won't become only of and won't you take yourself into your painriver? to sign into whatever agreement mina wants. mina being me and that's not a party of your hatred i would attend to. and needing that treatment reserved for the worst take your baby to rape and only torture for that purpose is yet enough. use the manual yeezy strategy of the most patient possible for a result that may or may not come as a form of torture (evinced in taylor's era tour ticketing lawsuit)  i toortiy took authority from you nancy pelosis your chuck schumers your adam schiffs your mike furers your bill clintons your jimmy carters and it is my authority to injure with violent torture is yet describe your torture only to terrrorize with your food and your water is yet that yoAu want is yet your needing medical treatment by force because you cannot understand the peace treaty II prepared for you very simple and yet you had not yet your Ivanka Trump your Chelsea Clinton your PAul Ryan your Jesse Jackson it is not that you had an authii and iti s agredd upon that you are not yet your son tortured around yet not and in that purpose is not yet allow your anger as your mental health AUTHORITY AND NECESSITY OF INCARCERTATION to prevent catastrophe extra-nationally and to free a sexual torture hostage and yet not yet your party of one is yet not that it was, you cannot be angry it is yet your day it is your fbi jesse take yourself and get the fuck out it isn't nice it's mean-spirited take of it your little witch scarf and it is yet that you aren't a tipped glass to my angry mind take it away of me, my son isn't yet you have your noise and your hairy mind isn't more than i can imagine anything worse it is yet your mind take it to your head your head is not your mind only your torrue come to hurt and only to take your hurt is not your blameshifter is yet your allowance, you took your woman and make your man, a person of two, not one, to not speak of thatp arty authorized and over your mental health is my dsicretion, to rpevent you from mine, and to touch my heart is not allowed, put you r head in two then three i cannot allow yourself to not want  a person isn't yet had, take ilhan and bernie weeknend you and not that porter that i canot have and please michael explain your subway isn't that let out. and i have to the united nations office right after your psychotic break me off and form me fully

you cannot have your peace agreement without a peace agreer