Some stories are as funny as they are odd. Warner Music Group senior VP of publicity Tree Paine worked with rocker Marilyn Manson earlier in her career. Once she was having lunch with him at an Idaho diner when, she recalls, “One of the cooks came to our table and placed five fish hooks on the table and stared at him. Manson asked what the fishhooks were for and the cook replied, ‘You know.’ After truthfully explaining that he, in fact, did not know, the cook just nodded his head and said, ‘You know,’ and walked away.” Adds Paine, “We had a good laugh afterwards.”

oj simpson killed people.

jury set him free.

with help of kim kardashian's dad.

not a hero for defending an evil person.

there are real victims.

there are things that never happened and people who fabricate things

i do not trust tree. she was the worst man alive's promoter and protecter (she worked before at a former record label to help Marilyn Manson). she should not work with any supposed feminist. marilyn manson, you should know, spread misogyny more than any artist in history, and still is, as his music is played because of tree's legacy. people need to take accountability.

your anti-hero does not protect women. she mocked and made her legion of fans mock two revolutionaries, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, saying they "deserve to be in HELL," acting like a false god she wants to become. so much for supporting other women. she sues young women who are entrepreneurs. these weren't "mistakes." she stopped several etsy shops run by hopeful women, most with few funds, using violent scare tactics and monetary abuse, using elite attorneys with you and your kids' money, while the victims cannot even afford printer ink (buy a new printer instead of HP's overpriced cartridges, same price). some of these women don't even use her likeness. just her name as a keyword - that no one can see, and supposedly; she is an abusive POS. she threatened so many with cease-and-desist letters. she threatened her guitar teacher, even, who showed nothing but love to her. who is responsible for all the songs you love so much. she made him scared. she used attorneys to take down a website that described how cool she was, and how teaching her the guitar inspired him. she takes homeless people, who eat from trash bins, to jail. for showing up at a place she isn't even at. for saying they "love" her, as her easter eggs instruct them to do. she isn't scared; she is pretending. she is the most protected person alive, which is scary and really strange. her bodyguards threaten fans and paparazzi alike. with fucking murderous words that terrify people into laughter. that is not legal. they need to be prosecuted, but it is super-intimidating to do so. she placed a hidden camera to record you if you saw her at some shows. that's almost illegal or is it. she sent your picture without your permission to a stranger. she was the "happiest she's ever been," and she seems to stay this way. but she orders these things.  she is not a mental health spokesperson. there are real victims of anorexia, which is a deadly condition in real life, and something that many of her fans deal with, and all sorts of other self-harm. the depression rate among young women, and the associated suicide rate, has gone up too quickly recently. there are real victims of rape. there are real victims of "depression." Melancholia is a serious mental health condition she induces. She shows no signs of clinical depression. A lot of people get cancer, malignant forms also, but don't ask for sympathy. Talk to Ray West, Kanye's dad. It's important to raise awareness, and make that her focal point. He is a former Black Panther, not remotely racist. Scott Swift's racist Facebook posts. How rich was Taylor before she blew up? Did she have a lot of horses? If she was a bully in high school, as most people "hated her" in high school, then why didn't Abigail, her lifelong friend, stop her? Why is she still bullying? She made one line in an introduction to a song about another person that is supposedly revolutionary. It is not. The song "Dear John," the song she was introducing that night, is in fact an abusive song written without John's permission. The one line actually increased bullying against John Mayer, who has a checkered past in his treatment of women and others. She will not stop the death threats. Some victims have tried hard to get her to say a word, using her platform. She can. It's easy. Anything. A single utterance. But all we got in these years is one opportunely timed introduction to a song about John. The death threats keep going in her sacred name. It is her responsibility to stop them. She can stop one at least. But no. So it's her fault. People die. People die inside. We don't hear about what happens to victims a lot of the time, because they can't speak up. There was a bit of a fuss about her use of private planes. Her own. She claimed that this was blatantly false, but she was lying. Those are her jets, even if they're loaned out. And she uses them instead of flying like a normal celebrity.

She has lied. A lot. "Famous" is not revenge porn. Donald Trump is in the same position in the video. When he took the award, he never did (he let her finish), it was for Beyonce, not himself, a Black female revolutionary. It's happened before many times. It's a feature of mania, but that wasn't Kanye's condition, to stagerush. When Shawn Colvin, a real victim of mental illness, had that happen at the Grammy Awards because ODB was funny that day (a manic-depressive), she didn't flinch. "Bitch" is a common term in hip hop, it is used endearingly. For his "Southside niggas," NOT Ms. Swift. There is a very similar line in one of his earlier songs with Jeezy, "Put On." She planned her VMA's comeback speech. She lied in that speech about "The College Dropout" being the first album she bought on iTunes. She is not as educated as Kanye West, who did in fact complete a portion of university. She entered a weird high school program after she became famous at a young age. She works with Jack Antonoff, who is committed to the spread of atheism. "False God" is a disturbing song about idol worship, the sacred church's "altar" rewritten as hers. As her "hips." She appeals to children. She appeals to you. Her sound is strange. It is addictive. There are better role models. Some of whom she's degraded, from each gender. Money is not the right objective. Yes, she's rich. She's almost a billionaire now. She stopped giving a fuck. releasing "Reputation," an album everyone thinks is about Kanye West, on the 10th anniversary of his mother's murder. That was icky. His fans had to preserve his mother's legacy that day. She is a true feminist, who inspired Kanye's feminism, his advocacy for Beyonce, say, and his love for all women. she doubled down on her apathy. She released "Folklore" the same calendar day as West was about to drop his tribute to his mom, Donda. He pushed it back. She wrote a book about Kanye you should read. He sustained her through so many hard times, with men. She loved him so much, and we're left with Dr. Donda West's legacy. (Dr. Jan Adams sexually assaulted someone, and the Medical Board of California refused to tell Dr. Donda West this, and graced him a scalpel instead, practically killing the most influential.)

Taylor didn't really care about politics until late in her career. Her status makes her automatically impactful, and that's terrifying. A lot of political revolutionaries in the arts work their entire lives for social justice causes. even so, she is still an idol in the White Nationalist movements. She hasn't said or done anything to combat her role. she isn't an activist except for anything against free speech. the ACLU tried to get her to make any statement regarding her shutting down a blog for writing about her. she fucking refused

She has maybe made a few posts about very particular issues. That's not very strong activism. And where was she before? She hadn't done anything remotely politically motivated. Everything seems to be motivated by avarice. Donations don't mean action, especially to noted misogynist Howard Stern's cat charity.

"Karma" and blame are her game. "Look What You Made Me Do" is violent and hurtful. It is a way of victim-blaming, and absorbing others'. She isn't joking. She exacts revenge. "I Forgot That You Existed" isn't the right anthem. You are supposed to love people. Most of the people she hates are trying to help society and her stop being so evil. 

She is not the victim. Narcissists, which an expert who has helped so many people says she is, do all sorts of tricks to abuse. A lot rise to power. A lot are admired. Remember Trump. Well, he's running for President again. He's in fucking court right now. For crimes. As a president. For violations of American law. He is not a good person. Yet he is leader in the GOP race.

She isn't "psycho." That means she hears voices or is delusional. She isn't "melancholic." Depression is a real mental health condition to be distinguished from sadness. I don't see any evidence of it. I see ebullience. Marathon shows and energies she absorbs from young fans.

did anyone know about the sales of her masters. did Scott Swift know? are Taylor and he close? They seem to be close. Where did that paycheck come from, if Scott didn't know? Why is she re-recording old material. Why is she literally covering up misogynistic lyrics that even her fans realize as misogynistic? She is a misogynist. And she won't take accountability for it. She'll cover it up. I'm trying to think if Celine Dion would re-record her work. Like Falling Into You, which showcases her breathtaking vocal and poetic talents. I can't see that happening. Or Virginia Woolf re-writing a poem. It would take away from its original meaning.

I seriously don't know who Travis is. I know who Travis Scott is, though. She had an Astroworld incident, where fans were injured. She lied. She said it was a great show the next day online.

Football is wildly misognyistic.

Take a look at how the NFL treated M.I.A. She is a good person. A strong woman. A very devoted activist from the get go. It sued her for making the middle finger. Which wasn't even remotely strange. Travis made a misogynistic gesture. He was fined barely anything, and this was patched up by the NFL. Who is working with Usher for the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

people who seduce are evil. you are brought in against your will and you have to follow. seduction can entail money. you can donate and seem heroic. you don't even have to do anything directly for the cause you donated to, but you'll seem heroic with $$, that's not right

Money isn't the answer guys. Nor is feeling good. Narcissists make you feel good, then drain you. Fair warning to the blindly obedient. Just because someone or something is popular doesn't mean it's profound, important, or wholesome. Trump made a lot of people feel good, but he fucked up the country bad. He's a criminal for it. Yet people still like the way he makes them feel about themselves, temporarily always. Something make you feel joyous, like Taylor Swift's music, doesn't automatically make it right. It makes you addicted and sad at the end of the day. More importantly, the work is spiritually blasphemous, and she gets away with it through devilish tricks. The devil is alluring and powerful, that's how it works. You have to avoid this trash, even though it's on the radio every five seconds. Politicians and money-oriented company like the powerful for obvious reasons. It's circular. Not about the content, but the numbers. A lot of bad people, many bad artists, rise to prominence. Mental abuse is a real thing. It can happen on a micro-level or on a grander scale. It's the same. Victims. Through the same evils. 

The FBI needs you to Speak Now. Taylor's theme is revenge. FBI needs you to stop. Revenge is evil. As it posted on Twitter, on an official page, you must seek justice first and foremost. And not in a Nietzschean, atheistic way. His role-model is the "Superman," someone who overrides all moral values, like Taylor. But humbly so, as God makes us.

then Taylor Swift has her Swifties. Now, when something happens like this, these fan groups mobilize and demand public statements. You did not see this before Twitter. And since Charlottesville, people have asked her two things. One, they’ve asked her to denounce Nazis.

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  It wouldn't be controversial to denounce Nazis.

MITCHELL SUNDERLAND:  And then the other thing is to denounce Trump.

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  She did start as a country/western singer and she may be concerned about alienating a substantial part of her fan base.

MITCHELL SUNDERLAND:  Yes, and although her music has sonically changed because “Look What You Made Me Do” does not sound anything like the songs on Fearless, like “Love Story.”


We were both young when I first saw you

I close my eyes and the flashback starts

I'm standing there…


MITCHELL SUNDERLAND:  But the lyrics have similar subject matter, so I think she, she has carried her original audience with her. If she comes out and says, I denounce these Nazis, even most mainstream conservatives want nothing to do with do with Nazis. If she comes out and denounces Trump, to take you back to CPAC and the Republican National Convention where I heard “Shake It Off” everywhere, she would have that audience upset. And if you looked at where the 1989 tour played, it mostly played in big arenas in the South and in suburbs, which are areas that Trump won. So I think those numbers would play into it. There’s also the history of what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they denounced George W. Bush.