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mary mary is yet known my grace is yet told i love you and always will yet tonight as always i've asked for your kind name and mine to know each other's and it is more than time, to tell, and more, than anger to know. i miss you. i love you. and it's time to leave them alone. it's not theirs. you're not about to hurt again. and i won't hurt you - i promise

mary is my best friend. we know each other. she is the daughter of princess diana and dodi-al-fayed with our grace of love and taste of marriage i had only told myself the quietude of life is yet of death, thanks of yours, to yours to know, it isn't my knowledge to give you and i had not knowledge to know of it is more dangerous than it isn't and had i an opportunity to take myself out of your place isn't it very strange the ticketing system that you had plotted your own ticket to ride is it yet that karen carpenter isn't that thin and is more fat than rotund i'd have my rotunda and offer it to you only upon a gazebo of my thought; is it odd that I've?

Gone away, is your princess, and not near you and I apologized for you as you can tell she won't be coming and I won't come with her and we have yet announced it is our day today that I say without recording my voice only taking it I hope you well princess dear hold us close and heartfully yours and more than that it's time for a cold summer maybe icy princesses would know more about fiery princesses and i don't have my hot heat without your cold cold it's time to go upon your direction is it yet that a part of it is gone to my and only in my anger yet is it shown then I won't and you won't know a place isn't your place if it isn't that I hadn't known myself away from you and I don't know myself that is yet because of that you may contact Iceland our home! thank you for your hospitality and your honesty and your commitment to nonviolence! 

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