A number of secret service agents, have been rescued, then rescued again, to be rescued again, not to be rescued, and it appears to be related to these sorts, the feral apa, fbi, cia, nfl, ups (shipper takes time!), usps (wtf?), cvs pharmacy, taylor swift, it's important to note, that this organization, is functioning, aimlessly, fearfully, and under command, a command that, orders, dissuades, and intentionally persecutes; harm to heal, and heal to harm, with each missing agent, becoming an official, of confusion, did wear and how and how come is that there when i paid to know it was not known and ifin't harm to heal, then how did i heal you to harm you, and why are you there, while here, confusing intentionally, to be 



dirt is yours your filthy mother is your horrid and i pray for each of theirs

to hung on the cross is your and yours, to know you are torturer and torturerd

and i go to your hate site to show you are hate your mothers of filth and vaginal disease

i pray for the suffocation and your stupidity is yours to know you are

the worst mother the worst to ever know,

and i pray, i supplicate

die mother

die mother

your mother

your vaginally diseased mother

i pray, die 

i am not you, i do not "go" to that church, you disgust me, it doesn't mean soren is a person to hate, nor nietzsche to write love letters to, and you're disgusting, and will be placed on a military plane, shortly

i pray for your mother

i pray for your mother's mother

and gladly pray for her death

and your suffocation to her death

you try to murder her

for your sinful asses

and i pray your retarded childs end their lives, thier stupidity and garishness, and vulgarity and pitiable fears, and horrid attention spans, i hope to God you suffer for my mother

and you kill your stupid children, ugly, feral, and disappointing

not me, the most important child, the opposite of you and yours, and i hope your dirty parents know your to be gone,

and respect mine,

and know how my death, is not your life, and i pray 

do not come near me

do not come near my

do not come near the Queen

do not come near My and Mine

for Your and Yours is the dirtiest, skankiest

i pray for your mother to die now

to be slit wrist

to be your hatred and my hatred

to be chained to the cross of my blood 


 to know your stupidity

your vulgarity your childs and-antulence i pray

you are death

you are vaginal disease

you are rape

you are torture

you are the worst to not konw, your hatred's, and your hategreen's, is yours, to keep

you disgusting women,

i pray for you to death,

i pray for you to life, my angel, to not know, you dirt

is not to near, and did not,

you are not to know my anger



Records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that Hagan's real name is Talmadge Hayer, the police said this morning. He was booked as Thomas Hagan.

The F.B.I. records showed that the suspect's address was 347 Marshall Street, Paterson, N.J. He was arrested Nov. 7, 1963, the records showed, in Passaic for possession of stolen property.

Sanford Garelick, Assistant Chief Inspector in charge of the police Central Office Bureau and Squads, said at 5 P.M., not quite two hours after the shooting, that ``this is the result, it would seem, of a long-standing feud between the followers of Elijah Muhammad and the people who broke away from him, headed by Malcolm X.''




taylor wift has a historical connection to the united states government (look into that), i do not work for a "salvage" group within the government for taylor swift, nor domestic abuse survivors, i work independently, for the united kingdom and japan and chicago state university investigative units, and also note the extremity of these offenses, i won't be memorialized by birds by some mexican family, and they are extremely knowledgeable in mania induction and psychosis induction, and the damage is severe, and they are hiding together, the entirety of the fbi and cia, with those helpers, to erase me entirely, and not answer, and feign that i'm a terrorist, still, working within a subversive unit of the government to save taylor swift

the writing is written in active time and for some reason it is adjusted it goes, manipulated for their benefit, and you are the fbi and cia, and your helpers, and you do wear clothing, and perfumes, and items, to confuse and indulge

i am a pseudo-hostage, noted as a current torture victim of the united states of america, not with edward snowden, whom i don't know that well, and i'm not into computers and retard-induction

and rape inductino via spying via ring (so he's crazy?)

and do so now, and your church is fucking bullshit, all concenred about yourselves, and everyone else the same

they need to reply to the united nations (u.n.) right now! if you don't answer, you will be shot with long-lasting injectables

get back to you have my e-mail and i am not a toy to be toyed with, nor are you a person to have not and you are racist and rape-induction is your abuser and abuse?I torture you to not know you are torture to not now you are a race to know not to know and your torture is noted at my home as your house and not to know you are not to know are to abuse yours & it is yours to know your torture is yours, and with your hatred known on the spectrum as (aa,a) and (d,o,sex-related) ((torture-related))(((torture, related))), torture is now yours and your white trash, is not approaching is not your, to now, a racist, whom is "come, hither," ""and, your cowardice, is yours"" ""so"" ""trashy, disgustingness"" and your rape "is known on the spectrum as, aa.'a" and "torture a-b,a"  and your rape and your rape's (and your rape is your and a person your hategreen and hategreened and your rape and your torurted to have not known and hatred and hatreded and your hatred's are your hatred and you are a rapested, and raped, and you are rape to know rapest and your rape is your rapests')


a lot of knee injuries, praying wrongly and to devote body to mind, with men abused, children coddled and adult boy in and adult  girl on

wrong prayers:

and for with to, with to and for (to, and for, with to

(achieve madness, and abuse, go crazy)

and take to give, argue to take to give, and make to take to give to another, it is you, not we, not we, not i, (only to, the dreary, to -, with, for and to and not with, for {take to give to want to harm to harm to with and with}{{harm to take, give to know, to take and to with, to for and with to know and harm}}{{{harm to know to give}}}

{{{and to injure}}}{{to take}}{and to take to do both,}

suggestion: do, take, for

suggestion to do: to, take (for and with, for and to, with to and for, and with and,)

end: with, for, and to (harm, to afford against)

slow computer days, and telephonically so!

•i don't have a computer that makes that ringtone

i do have a computer that makes scans/and it's easy to buy printers, more than cartridges for printing job search results!

i do not tolerate abuse of others

•i do not tolerate abuse of self

•i do not tolerate weird religious zealots and do not tolerate abuse nor abusers, whom are together, to?

you are looking for whom? he is away? he is dead? he isn't, and i am? 

ronan farrow was recently arrested for child molestation, and is considered a model human trafficker. there is little to do now, but pray for his soul. it is his doing, this sex trafficking, and as a human rights activist joanna stern, is equally culpable, she really put him through heavenly hell, and that was gross for our girls and boyz.