internal strength, which i have • self-efficacy is really cool

But we might just get away with it

Religion's in your lips

Even if it's a false god

We'd still worship

We might just get away with it

The altar is my hips

Even if it's a false god

We'd still worship this love

Visual to "karma", Lyrics by taylor Swif, Big Machine Records (those lyrics belong to them, Devil(s)

people who sing to kill have a funny sound; people who produce (*who are committed to Satanism/arguments against God - which are philosophically wrong); they make funny sounds, that are very seductive, but are so serpentine that they lack soulfulness, which is what's important. People can design objects that lack elegance, simply to look attractive; they are superficial. These silly Devilish tricks, Devil(s)! Strength is in Spirit, which utilizes God's tricks, which are simple (proof of Spirits, proofs of stunning emotions, proofs that are hard to make, and shouldn't be manipulated; the devil is stupefied when its machinations are revealed, as they steal from Innocent building blocks.) The thought that a Spirituality is scary, is accurate , only to people who want Evils, which God has repudiated, through the Godly, like i will stay and have tried to be Always

*this was expounded on before, and in attempt to destroy Innocent(ce), this thing, this coward, has asked you to participate in a scary scavenger hunt, but I don't like hunting (literal psychopathy, destruction of The Most Vulnerable) nor do I like aggressive behaviors and aggression(s), micro-, macro-, et cetera, you disgusting {fondler of Merchant's goods) little (not Tiny, embryonic) human, silly devil

People who abuse others t a k e (!) advantage of others' kindness.

Please do not put on elaborate displays, supplications that are self-revolved/Devilish, stupid Devil 

i perfectly, will pine for God

You are clearly illiterate because of your abuse of language (of God, who bestows all of it, including the bad words!), so please stop reading trickily, stop insisting on falsities,  Devil(s) 10/29/2023 9:45 AM PST Cupertino \ Hawaii / (Hopes are forever, they aren't temporal. Hurting others is gross, I would never, please don't be so hurtful as to suggest such, Scary Thing Kanyewest.uK

 Martha Bernays

hopefulness isn't funny, but freud's legacy, damn, that is so not worth my ink, dollars, analyses of the puritan's favor, freud affronted! the horrors that he inflicted, a cocaine abuser, a killer with cocaine, an eventual suicide advocate (homicide+), who abused wife (not storytime), who is with wordly things, to stay in heads, but didnt (people who harm are shameful, necessarily

shyness goes, the right feelings suddenly there; did you know that those who shy away from God are truly scary and scared, a horrid combination of feelings, so do not try anything funny, because you'll be tricked, becaue God invented those tricks, not to abuse, but to strengthen; your abuses are not trivial, they are frightening, and not exaggerated, Devil(s), and I do not tolerate your indignity, your lack of propriety, your insistence on abuse. As such, I'm forced to ask you to begin yourselves again, by thoroughly heartening others, wihch doesn't entail cowering away in stunning Demonstrations of Arrogance, but in humbly pursuing God, which means getting on your knees, giving penance, and, most of all, humbleness. I do not forgive you, not because you haven't sought it, but because of the insistence on Violence (scariness, thug=like things, destructive apathy/not saying anything to keep people moving for you, deflecting to achieve temporal joys

(My hopes are always. So are my friends. I do not abuse, nor do I torture, imbue with blues, and I want you to know that killing isn't supposed to be; that hurt isn't forever, that love is, and that hopes are to be satiated. True hopes are in God, not in the abuser/abuses. Things aren't supposed to be harmful? Well, they can be. When emotionality is weaponized, when people are taken, when souls are snatched - for fun, apparently, but for grander reasons, I am forced, absolutely impelled to talk (and I don't do so to ramble, as such I would like you to see to it that it Prevails, and hope does, not hatred, so do know that when people harm, when people destroy, that the torturer and abuser won't prevail, that he/she will be known to be stopped, so it doesn't affect the Spirituality that permeates

I'm not a hippie, nor am I someone who needs. So do not hope crazily, do not abuse, recklessly hurt, threaten, demean, impel to dangerousness, because I know that life is good, right LFO?

nothing weird here, nothing heroic, nothing damaging, no attempts at idolatry, so?

Let me inform you that people who harm are dangerous!

FEAR: Is not a good thing? Or is it? When someone is scaring you, you have to be afraid because she or he can and will harm. Being perspicacious involves being smart, not just sartorially.

When someone threatens you, you have to speak up; you're caught in cyclic abuse. You are not good people, nor are you. Abusers often work in tandem, and oppressors abuse - it's their nature.

People who harm others aren't to.

You aren't to scare others, nor do I ever wish to; because being like you isn't good. It's Evil, not Godly. I only aspire to Spirituality, which necessitates self-sustenance, not self-abuse, which would be in threatening.

I do not damage. I do not. I have never.

People who abuse? They are so many, but they do it so slyly sometimes, they trick and monstrously mismatch emotions, subjugate individuality, horrify, and lack dignity, any semblance of kindness, which is so mental, really, so disgusting

I do not tolerate abuse of others, of the Innocent, the Spiritual, nor will I allow my Spirituality to decay to yours, as mine is constant

this isn't a pr stunt, no flashiness, no anger, not an attempt to be idolized, nor forthcoming tricks, no Devilish ways,

just Simplicity, like I aspire to, as it's all so simple

Don't derange. Don't hurt. Don't mock. Don't taunt. Don't play. Don't trick. Don't aid to propagate your own abuse. Do not be so cowardly, in other words

don't be seduced into allowing an abuser to propser; so do fight back, do be aware that the Devil plays tricks, as you know...that God destroys the Devil, and it's important to stay level; to know that you ain't supposed to anger anyone, because they'll seek revenge; the Devil is easily angered, and it's funny to me, because it got dunced and scurried into an abusive corner, so as to embarass and cause pain, but we don't indulge in pain, we love it, because it strengthens, enables hopes, doesn't think for itself, and makes itself known, so please don't abuse?

When people think too highly of others or themselves, so many problems...however, you have to think, is it truly to be destructive? is hope forever?

Certainly, yes, so certainly,

however, abusing people isn't cool, nor is trying to embarass anyone unfoundedly, because hopes are fluent, stay, and persist; there are no lapses here, so don't lie. don't torture others. don't think too highly of your abilities if they aren't real, and please don't think of destroying individuality, seducing with falsities 

God isn't a force to be reckoned with, is constant, and not a toy. So, devil, do not harm anyone else, because your abuse is so transparent, so stupid, so silly at the start and end of everyday, and please don't be compliant just for fun, and don't be a false victim nor a blame-shifter; power is in God, not yours, so don't think about it

(that which isn't Real [impoverished not internally,  Entirely i Innocent, Godly

internal strength, which i have • self-efficacy is really cool

(People who love are Loving, and thoroughly vetted, and don't allow things to slide, don't side nor slide, because we started something, and will finish it, that's not a thing, (Spiritual Dream, the One Which Is

I am free to know, without your intrusions, free to be told without your restrictions, because I'm not easily scarred, f oolish (possibilities of Possibility, which imbue things with meanings, so I stay Godly Wholly (Holiness « ≥ Holy (oh, How Holy Art Thou, Who i ought WILL Be (meaning, being, to Be - Lastingness, the death of that which doesn't last, not the Timeless