NRA Mexico is not there for Proud Boys and Proud Girls, freedom fighting doesn't mean that

i learned a lot today really

first i really worried a lot about worrying before but now i know that just worries others

i haven't seen that movie scene and made it real life so if Nellie McKay is not arrested then why are her dogs

Arresting a dog is not a good idea

moving forward, the chain is for men, meaning they only chain men, but make women dress as men to chain them, and make them both trans, and cannot be told so tell: do you know where hope is? and then they say it's hopeless to hope, which means nothing to you, because you are hopeful

anyway, the fbi spoofs extra-national governments e-mails too, sometimes saying do you hate me using me as a word for middle easterners, saying they are middle eastern terrorists, not you; to correct this, they are terrorists using the term "middle eastern" to mean mid of the night, to act like a poet, like (early) aughts or (tasbeha) midnight or (two weeks notice) fortnight

anyway, ross is open until midnight on sunday, the only store in california to do so

until midnight on sunday do you know what that means

it closes until midnight sunday

it is never open but it does close on saturday then

so it opens, the gates to Heaven are not always barbed but sometimes they are

it is time to celebrate, it is a great win for us, those incarcerated because we are too good for you incarcerators 

it's a big win, just saying

erewhon trick: too expensive too good too cool too now

erewhon anti-trick: too many expenditures doesn't mean fixtures, nor do fixtures in the community fixate unhealthily to find health

today's disgusting person of the world award goes to nonsense talker from a country of heathens, celebrating stupidity and is going to be stupid for doing so

don't fuck us up

california institiute of technology (CAL?) is a safe place, but worried because of the same reasons, and are tricked often financially abused

many people who are mentally ill get no phone automatically along with the constant threat watch, so they need a phone nothing weird duh thanks sherlock holmes, not inspector gadget, who is a cartoon that is really funny, one of the few, and holmes is a black detective, but isn't found in online repositories save for those on offshore servers, such as those that hide government secrets, addendums, and descriptions of abuse

phone buying: do you have doordash? let's see you can buy a tiny amazon echo show 5 that gives you apps and if you need a line you can buy a cheap phone bucks

terrorists drugging so forcefully so brashly to kill current sex trafficking victims intentionally, knowingly and assaulting so violently so scarily, as drug dealers do

animal drugs are not sold at cvs for a reason, which includes their experimentation on animals, not Travis Kelce, but groups, including PETA, who say that CVS, suffice it to say, is the worst murderer historically, with histograms showing how many times they've intentionally killed kids, instead of sharing that with their parents, they work with authorities who know more than their parents, strongly proving

there are so many patents involved in these drugs, generics are unpatented, and everything comes down to: i hate you games of torture not allowed in the United Kingdom, as it's too scary

uc irvine lost more students and faculty members historically today then ever? did they you think

if someone wrote a prescription in your name and you kept getting it to knowingly torture, this was your duty, you serial killer doctors, stupid did it for money and not interested in health, i want to pill people for a living, like be a drug dealer, that was your life objective, so since you've decided on that path, every patient has the right to wrtite her own prescription to plan b, which was out since when because you're not supposed to kill when a doctor is a terrorist, it's actually obligated to check

listen you guys just look like two dicks

united states lost more potential victims historically in the past few weeks, was cair informed of muslims leaving