This is the codified work of Mr. Sargious, representing MI6, the most elite military in the world. I also represent Japan, and many other countries, including Egypt, and a few more you'll get to know; this is an order to stay away from me, as I am a protected citizen! They used me as as model to mock Arabs and a model to abuse Jews, and to blameshift, and to get away with torture, I am a good man, and I am not with this, and I am with the Jews and I love Muslims, and I am not ashamed of myself, and I will not be put down nor ignored, and I will be heard, and I am a genius, the smartest human alive this is representative of a stupid nation, white nationalists are abusive, i am a white nationalist, they abuse using the very term, they are all satanists, and i killed the devil for all previous victims of abuse, like the United Nations, wrong word, and to be reformed because it couldn't work right to correct your torture of it, and formed without and with, so to speak, so i speak as i go quietly into the day, walk into the night, mansons and swiftys, it's about how i did this and why and how hard they were fucked, those are my Girls and Boyz, forever, stay away satanists

Why does CVS have a VP of Federal Government Affairs, and why is that person still working there, and why is that person abusive to Dr. Jamison and Dr. Ghaemi, and also why is she abusing me, and also is she a racist, and also why is she? those prescriptions weren't distributed at Rightly Aiding Strange-Sorts Until When, Now? And why, and unkindly? Does kindness know you, or you kindest?

This is copyrighted to the United Kingdom, like this other page and that page and also this:


This is the work of MI6's Mina, and the whole team at MI6. I'll return whence? ;) This is against The United States and all involved, and is an official order to credit myself to it


rapists in charge of this whole shit to kill me, as a model for themselves, for psychiatry forever, are killed

dsm is going to burned with icd psychiatric codes, racists, and this is a death thing


i'm talking torture pill-wise, like you wanted in a mock torture program with pills, with my code personally on it, as i am the opposite of the narcissist, psychiatry

well, guess what, MI6's Mina, with all the backup of the British and Japanese, have decided to end this once and for all - with propreity and grace

you're going to Hell your blood is tainted backwards and forwards, and it's a complete order for an extermination starting there

try me, this war was worth that? well, my dick is worth this: every penny of yours, as the richest brown nigga historically

fuck you, it's on death

you won't see light, it's coming soon, taking time, plotting, carefully, legally, and strongly

you fuckups you dirty for this? nah, this brown nigga erased your blood historically, starting

i hope you suffer in the name of God all of you sinner and atheists who murder me and want me to die, this is a war against psychiatry, and every psychiatrist involved historically is about to be exterminated, with all members of their families, living and dead. This is a legal effort, and I represent the United Kingdom, and you are not welcome there