if you say i lost my mind can you find it for me does it mean i have to find you to find me and will you find your mind if i lost it so when  i lost my mind i did not lose my will and i also did not lose my identity ever so when i said i knew how to torture did you know that i did not torture you because when someone is tortured they are obviously tortuous and such tortures are always meant to harm not heal so harming me to heal me is not a very good thing to do and also harming someone to heal someone makes no sense so when you harmed me did you mean to heal someone else, namely your partner, who is not my friend, but a person who harms deliberately to torture on purpose for the people who are looking for their minds so harming minds is not the same as torture however it is extremely close to say i was tortured for my mind with my mind and for my mind to become tortuous only to myself were you tortured does not make sense so i was tortured for a torture program to make sense they tortured me to torture others so when you tortured me did it feel good youd say it felt bad because torture is not meant to torture others only oneself i did not torture myself because i was torture deliberately for a torture program which is not based in myself because i do not torture myself only others torture me when you became a torturer was it fun and how did it feel as i was tortured deliberately for a united states officer who will go unnamed because he is dead now but is alive somehow i am not torturing myself i am torturing a person who is torturing me would say i am a torture victim however victims don't torture themselves so this torture is known as psychological abuse and not physical abuse so when you say a person is abused does it mean they are abusive does it mean i am torturing myself or another and i do not torture others only to torture myself and when you became a torturer was it fun and how did it feel to torture me when you tortured my body to torture others' bodies and how did it feel to torture? how was it? did it feel good? i don't felt it good for me, to torture anyone, i never did, however, i was tortured to torture my own body? i don't think so, i was tortured to torture another body, of the church, and was hired to harm me deliberately, by the APA who knew of me from UCI as a person who has destroyed mental health treatments that didn't work and they worked hard on this very hard to destroy the church with me, but didn't succeed, rather showing ineptitude and being satan, and as satan died i said i want more love in the world without the APA so as the APA died it tried again make him insane do anything i hate the church is what they wanted others to say well unfortunately for you and yours the Church won big time thank you to everyone involved and thank you to my friends and family who know who they are. Mina Sargious 2024

This extreme operation was committed to by the United States government, and was not helped by anyone in particular, and the players are the APA and pharamacies galore and the people involved are academics the rich guys all the usual stuff

it's mina one guy who killed the devil 

the officers here at uci were meant to hurt me intentionally 

the people involved are all hideous and scary

this is so racist

it involves levels of torture unseen before

and also abuse of power from officials who have that

i'm not a bad person, this is disgusting

you guys are going to hell there's no way out of this