The United Nations isn't an American entity but it is actually an overarching body, so i hazard to say that part is a good Kanye West song

also you can molest a flag but not marr religion, because it is religion that you're marring, scarring one another isn't marking the flag with your saliva

you're a man of many hats, so what happened to the former red-lighted, not green-lighted, and yellow-lighted means not that - is rather a description of what happens when stopped for no reason because that is illogical and a sign of bad engineers

you've chosen - made your final decision

i don't get fucked to forgive and forget, fucking racists

whatever we doin fbi field office again - los angeles

property of uk - mi6's mina sargious

ongoing sexual assault and rape and now torture and also jem used to be famous but now can't be looked up because your country is racist, so racist