I hate racism, i really do, it's just like stupid, i built the pyramids, and you're the people building the pyramids, and you want to say you built the pyramids, architectural geniuses!

anyway, i kinda think everyone is uncomfortable in this war situation; millions of people are impoverished, israel is headed the wrong direction, like into a minefield, the entire middle east, like a lost clown, but it's not okay, because they're seduced into thinking america loves them, but they just wanna fuck with israel, just not even showing up, like you if you say you're gonna kill a bunch of people for no reason, which they aren't terrorists, not all muslism are terrroists, some own harrods, and built the pyramids, and were in love with princess diana, not you, so where are you on tv, are you just telling us we are toys, because you're like a gamehunter but with people, so you can stand back and make orders, like know-it-alls, because it's like you misled everyone into hating every muslim because some dufuses wanted to be hyperreligious, which isn't everyone, not everyone islamic is insane, some christian pastors are crazy as fuck, selling curative water, live on american tv right next to W.E.T., so when you started sending bombs and missles to the middle east for no reason, to destroy saudi arabia, which is your main partner for a lot of things, and makes you look so poor, along with other middle eastern countries, which are not just richer historically but have money you could only see in your dreams, but that's a mirage, it isn't yours to have, so if israel loved you you'd know, but if united states did you'd know, so? i'd like to offer you a suggestion: a unilateral peace treaty, right here, at my house, with will smith telling you you're insane and me listening to 42 dugg moan about how bad his relationship with Jazmine is, because Jazmine isn't from Aladdin, Taylor Swift, nor do I fly on a magic carpet and have a magical genie working for me, like your dad, oooh, burn, like carpetburn, ask matty healy where his id card is next time, not vice versa, so i can see if he's of age to do heroin with a minor, so many rapes that need to be discussed, so powers need to be shifted immediately, the us has gone mad and it's been that way, i am a settler, not a colonizer, so don't say white lives matter, because that's just plagiarism, like harvard, which is the worst school alive currently, and has a horrible newspaper, indicating its ucirvine-adjacent, a place that is built around one thing, nothing, there's nothing there guy, harvard is a narcissist, a  bully to its employees, students, and faculty members who are wondering is this place "Harvard" or "Hartford," a place in Connecticut, not a place to make technology companies, which fall off a few years after anyway, all they're known for right now, failed startups, like America, which needs to have a new owner immediately, like me, Mina, as I'm the smartest most interesting American ~ Egyptian? i'm american, so stop calling yourselves Israeli, are you guys terrorists, sorry for all the post-Holocaust forgiveness, I promise I'll forgive you if you change