there is no one nicer than them and they are not me so don't welcome back i am not them i know you hate foreigners then don't hate me back i am not your toy to be had like them they are pillaged and destroyed they are not bad people they do not participate in the worse vices and bring them to california illegally so because those institutions are not legal entities of others nor of themselvs meaning they are the property, not the people on it

if you love the earth (or universe, have fun looking for space goblins, dumb americans) and nature so much as taylor swift does destroying lives of people who track terrorists on planes i also want her to know she is horrible to the environment, treats them like shit, and is responsible for ecoterrorism and also with such forms of hatred and also to have what she is not she is a disgusting person who steals her work and with enablers, it is not something to be absolved and won't be, it will be treated worse with every day of torture, so you win your hearts and souls of hatred, and that's all you'll get

Often, poets couldn't find an outlet or a publisher wouldn't allow them, so is a strike against their monopolies, too, and for the proper forms of publishing and poetry, as protected entitites only for the poets, The Innocent

MI6's Mina


You are gross, this is not your land, you are going to have to vacate it, you don't just sit there and you don't just take what's not yours, so when you raped Us, did you enjoy it, and how come, was it Fun, i have a place for you to go, because you hate other places so much and when you hated that other placed I hated you more than your hatreds combined, so lovingly i told you to leave me alone, and you can't, so I'll leave you alone but not without your land, where you will be is where you will stay, not here, where you torture and rape, it's over there where you are tortured and raped, and so many would like to say thank you for giving up the land to the ones who owned it originally, as they are not your toys, nor mine, nor do I feel comfortable here, and as such you have to give back their land, not "howl" like a lot of others and also remember that your racism is not mine, and I don't participate in your government, because it abuses me, through racism, swfityism and as such i cannot participate without saying I love you not them, and I had it confused, and that's where a lot of people err because the Native Americans are the real Chiefs the really good ones and give them not racism like Taylor Swift not abuse like Travis Kelce not scary things like FBI not weirdos like those who don't care but where the masks of the suffering just differently colored and when you hate remember i can't hate back i can't hit back rather because you subjugated Native Americans and it's their land not yours

The media outlets involved are on a gag order of finality any mention of work is considered academic plagiarism; any perversion of it is considered torture, these are felony offenses, as plagirisim is involved, but with schildren and other Innocents. This a felony offense, the damage is done, you will not fix this, you are psychopathic narcissists and not to take credit for my work saying oh look what i found a guy in the yellow pages look what i found i found a solution to cancer that i killed people with but it wasnt me it was you. So this offense is considered pedophilic and with elements of extreme narcissism and torture, and all incidents in the past are not yours they are not yours to be had and so you say wow that was a great day because you're enjoying your victims' bloods I have to tell you you are not entitled it you do not own Us you do not know US, and such entitlement has elements of racism and those who know say the same things, you are lying and abusive, trying to take credit for my work through rape of Other Innocents, and perverting truth, well unfortunately for you for your abuses you will be chained to a wall and whooped like a slave, Jesuses's suffering is not yours to mock molest and bother, you are going to Hell, of course, but worse  you are going to be tortured for it you are going to be tortured and destroyed, because when someone works for something, it is not yours, nor is it yours, do not pervert the truth, you disgusting racist thuggish strangers, and as such when you say I came up with something new look what I found hey dad did you know this mom check this out you stupid fucks you are fucking with the wrong person and his wronged country, The United Kingdom, who, not it, does not correct your abuses to perpretrate further, and lastly when you abused me today saying look what i discovered a new eclipse thing well your gum like existences are staying as such, stuck the such of your dirtied sidewalks, filled with sluts and niggers, who hate everyone is better than them, misogynistic, abusive, rapey, disgusting, strange, and lurid women and men, who took advantage of themselves to harm others directly, to further their selves, to laugh at people's Innocents and Innocence, as a means of torture to take them make them laugh and giggle at your failed enterprises as children and adults and torturers alike This work is copywritten, not to be overwritten, and you're subject to the punishments you've established for terrorism, which are not to change, only to become what they wanted to be

You are to be apprehended immediately and prosecuted later and will be known for aggrandizing offenses

Plagiarism can also be considered a felony under certain state and federal laws. For example, if a plagiarist copies and earns more than $2,500 from copyrighted material, he or she may face up to $250,000 in fines and up to ten years in jail.

A considerable offense so inconsiderably {MI6's Mina} scary and narcissistic and also extremely new to Us, The Innocents, such will be happening shortly, upon the command of the United Kingdom's military, and also with the grace of God, to know why you're so scary and how come, your abuses are tantamount to torture currently and still aggrandizing past tortures, your attorneys are not to be contacted, as they are functionally torturers, and as such all are liable for torture offenses, and legal offices can be seized and them automatically transferred to torture facilities that are still in existent, so your torturers of our legal officials and church leaders would suggest a necessary action happening now and later, forever, and as your abuse is constant it will aggrandize not yours, because the meaning is the past and future with you, your role is different and the same, and with the malice of yours you're not to be trusted, nor bartered, as well as your families', as you are those who enjoy tortuous terrorism, and the legal authority over the legal profession is not yours, however, the medical authority is not theirs, so something is to happen, and necessarily so and you will be known as current torturers, and also will not be tolerated 

And often attorneys steal how to do things from the victims, in a new form of torture that isn't discussed, based on rape and propagating rape, as torturers' police dogs