people are supposed to be nice to each other it's nice to have friends, you say, you evil person, you worst person alive, you loved by the world only, you selfish people, you hideous souls and decrepit e vils.

people are supposed to be nice to each other, and love unceasingly, people are supposed to be kind, just that, people are supposed to kind to their worlds, but you see that people are forgotten and thrown around, sometimes literally, and others will watch and pretend to be shocked but basically put fuel on the fire, and I guess that's not good, because goodness is supposed to be an aim, not a goal, and people are supposed to love each other? what's happened, really, really? what has happened to the worlds of yours, why have they become so gross asinine perverted angry destructive foolish garish violent horrid destructive]

I love God, and I will stay Spiritual, it is my only objective, in the midst, you know, in the midst of the world's self-destruction, I will stay for God, and He alone, although it is nasty, feral, putrid, disgusting, unwholesome, naturally self-destructive, malignant, scary, these things of the world, I am against the world, and I am for the Spiritual, which denies this world!