please get the signatures of the Haim parents, and capture all hostage-takers, and with torture noted, to ship off to a dark site of their choice, using the currently available means of transport, thank you Secret Service, for your commitment to the United Kingdom, and rejecting terrorists, free Alana, please, thanks, Mina.


George W. Bush, as well as well as family members, lost Secret Service Protection, and are vulnerable to torture, by United Kingdom, and any protector is functioning illegally, by United Kingdom Standards; this also applies to all government agencies and locations. Overseas, your embassies are disbanded into the hands of United Kingdom. Any terrorist will be apprehended, and aggrandizing terror offenses is not a good idea, protection or abiding by a terrorist, is code for pedophilia. I'm going to have to ask for a signature of the war documents I filed, (Israeli War), to let me go, scary! capture fugitives to sign treaty? then, it is yours, to sign secretservice.gov

anyway it's a way of things, done of matter, and way of done-ness, you want to make, so you take, and make to take, more or less? any, it time to know, it time, too, know, means? when you harmed, did you? harm is not injury, did you make someone hurt? and why so? i'd rather, not, yet, would. It's your anger, that made you, not mine. It would rather, you would not, become of someone else, only yourself (worthless and scary). Pointless as you've been, taunting as always; did you injure someone, then? it's not right, nor is torture. yet, i've said, "you ruined." "there you will, not, live."


my anger is not yours

my anger is ours

do not approach me. i don't like you.

and i don't talk, 

you stay away,

youre gross

prayers ruined

for others,

you will ruin

your prayers ruined

for others,

it's not my time,

not my place, you angry losers, brainkill and murderkill, i'm not into you

i wish the worst for yours stalking and murder is your thing

not mine stop assaulting my prayers

you are disugsting, murderous (feral things, that want to be alive)

do not contact me, do not try to, it is over, because of your inability to be nice and you had chances, several, and you're scary, abusive, go deal with yourself, now, i don't work with you nor for you

i wouldn't rather, obsess over someone, than you

go to hell, is not your heaven

go to heaven, is not your hell

i don't like you, nor you

it's not about your unkindness, garish rapes, and you take your fool and put him inside, then i do not want to deal with you, and hope you burn now, it's not my time, to know you anymore

apologies, are not mine,

to give, your horrifying thug, is not mine to near, i cannot help you more, than your fool - go jester, play, i won't join

harm is my play

and heal is my job,

do not near your horrifying

i told you to stay away and I stayed near

I told you to get near and You Stayed away

and I's is yours not to know You's, and unfortunately for you, I will not entertain you, for self-injury (abuse of others, is not Godly)

then your knowledge is mine (rape, sexual torture)

you are not to be apologized to 

and I will not forgive you

it is your doing actively torturing and berating me and my family, for your friends and family, and it's your doing, absolutely, because you are not intelligent, seemingly brain-dead, devoid of emotions, and lacking any semblance of respect for your superior

i would rather you die than live, yet you're given protection, to live, against me, and for yourself, it's absolutely inept behavior, I will not harm anyone yet only you, because you're so gross, lacking in dignity, meaning, and purpose; I would rather you not, you do. It's bothersome, and completely inane, I would you rather not harm anoyne, yet it's your commitment, as people, I've told you, to stop, yet you don't start. It's your doing, not your fault. I would not harm you, to ask for you, to shield me, is not your choice, and I've chosen

to harm

to heal

and to make you insane, because you have no emotions, you cannot become intelligent, and you are dark site, in itself, choosing to replace those conditions which prevented expression of normality and health, to yours, where you will be subject to horrible treatments, and it is an order of mine, that your child will be hurt, your family embarassed, and not me nor mine. i've said that you can harm a person, let alone an idea. It's my thought; and my thoughtless self says I cannot and I haven't enough of you, and I am not you and, your abuse is scary, very crass and meaning you cannot understand emotions nor literature and it seems you've committed heinous crimes, against the English, and primarily for that reason

I would not

and I will not

your anger would not

and your anger will not

your crime of rape and torture is beyond comprehension, and only for your, it is mine, that I have to restore English nobility, the proper way is not yours, you are dangerous country, and I have no role in your abuse, a problem is not here, you are scary and aggressive, stalking and dancing, like circus clowns, and caricatures of former artists, you have not a Picasso and Woolf, for ages, it's yours, to rape, and kill others, similarly, to fund your corrupt nation, of mine is not yours, and your stupid children and parents, they are not near me, only obsessed and scary, monsters who've raped and tortured, and mock language, and act emotionally intelligent

it is not yours, you rapist, and you will be hurt, violently tortured

and for that purpose of life, to come, i've told you death, to come,

it's my fault, agreed, that your child, is ugly, pointed directionally towards whites and blacks, yet not enough is your to know i haven't your hatred only your lovred, as you have no self-respect and I cannot respect you to know that I am worthy of kind treatment, and only that I am not a person to dance and sing like cowards and your energy is violent, it will need to stop; I cannot deal with these clowns, all they do is nothing, and torture for that lack of healthy-mindedness, not my insanity's it's your's, you have a problem; you will not get better. it is too late. you will need to be erased, my problem is that you're too illegal, scary, and breaking laws for fun, just to flaunt and stunt. it's obvious

contact secretservice.gov for torture signature