rape induction by torture is torture in itself and i hope to God you suffer in pain


Mina (Taylor Swift's Version) - Don't hurt me. I'm so scared.

pussy she told I can scissor your lesbian asses alrigth I'm not gonna let you go, girl, ever.

I can kill you, I want to hurt you

death is likely, from patients, now legally allowed to kill their doctors, this is an fbi document allowing rape of doctors of their offices and murder of their children

call the fbi and ask if you're to kill your doctors, and rape their kids, because you're allowed to b;loody their potnetials with records seized from gene therapy offices, allowed to be raped ask michel moore lapd police chief for permission these are terrorists

they are practicing illegally, terrorirsts, per apa torture program (🔎), ask the person you've injured, me, not you, me, you are pussies and diseased people, fuck off and suck a cock if you're straight (but it don't mean that) kill dahmer and make off with a dick to twist, give my girl head if you straight, stupid punani bitch carpet ride

1800CALLFBI call them and bleed red black and white if you want to prevent sexual torture and turn them in

rape and torture affects

taylor swift works with the fbi and cia to torture others

the apa orchestrates these events

and are extremely racist

all office of any psychiatrist and psychologist is to be raided now, all documents stolen will be erased

there will be no psychiatry, and I will not provide your health records

and i hope you die in this war

you're going to hell, and I hope you get raped there

you're a piece of shit, and a fucking racist piece of shit, ugly and brown, as your parents, as your children, and racist and rapist

i wish the worst for you in this war, and I am too uninterested