People who are hateful often are scary and such scariness is not my thing so I've scared them away forever and all war criminals are noted as such, traitors in the vein of Adolf, such that every person is persecuted no matter what religion, only the religious; it has properties of hatred and racism and torture and as such is classified material, so the war has been won however such rapists are not over so they are now permanently killed in every possible, no matter how seemingly religious, so this war will take place again, in the first historical re-ward for those who have been hurt familially culturally and historically and this is a permanent thing it will stop to end all wars

Irsaelies are not traitors to their own and as they abuse others in this war I would say they are not trying to kill themselves so this war effort is particularty targeted to people of high values, including your favorite stars and people who are able to stop them are automatically killed here and over there, so this abuse war is not going to be won by people of hatred and as such as war is a rape war, this war has been overed and they have committed numerous war atrocities and those individuals who are responsible for this war crimes will be brought to justice and every partner of theirs bankrupted correctly measurably and with power of God and the Godly who are affected directly by their abuses as this is the aim of the war and all rapes that had gone on are attributed as such; half are due to men half are due to women and their families are involved in the same ways, so these warlocks and witches are not winners but hateful and terrifying, with every individual involved known as a terrorist permanently no matter where they are how young old sick feeble dead or soon-to-be-alive these are war criminals who will handled by them and for them in the most vicious way imaginable, through God's wrath

This is as a result of American evils historically that have been rewarded, such as torture programs, and their claims to "win" wars that they didn't and start "wars" that were never completed, so this effort is to complete this in the most violent way possible and it is an impossibility to achieve a resolution here so mine is the correct of violence and torture of those specified; corporations, schools, universities, ideas, entities, church and say at the temple at las vegas, people who don't care, careless sorts, all individuals who have any knowledge of causing pain to another historically in any past situation, I do not want your affiliations and I do not know you America, and it is not involving Israel, the Holy Land, and is not to involve the United Kingdom and also it is involving me nor mine, the Innocents, who you've hurt without any morality historically recently and say you want more when and how the threats the demeaning and the humiliations

and I will not be hurt by those who want hurts to become of me I will become the abuse you want to see I will also know how to self-become against you so while you hate and enjoy yourselves i will not entertain your stupidity your inane tricks nor your abuses of others so when you chose paths when you became these thugs who wanted to harm were you aware that i was there to become someone else wouldn't be so i've become me and not you and those involve themselves in this behavior are not particularly kind to them selves and also are extremely violent to other selves so your dichotomy of selves is not the way it is done there will be one soul and not another to ever be created and when your soul departs when you die you will remember that i am a person who had no soul and your attempts to harm by force are not to be rewarded in any way so when you harm a child an adult and anyone else would it be said that you are mine to be had or am i to be had with or without you to be known as the ones who have had nothing i had wanted because i wanted nothing but i had everything and so i will know why i did not because i am a person who had nothing and had everything beforehands and when you became of your lack of soul did you enjoy everything was it fun and were you aware that you are nothing soulless and vacuous, dumb, stupid, and inartistic in every move of yours and your adoration of Taylor Swift is not a good decision nor is your abuse of others who are also abused so do not abuse me and do not abuse us this war is over and I won it with my friends and those who know me best my family (my friends) and all so strange to you now as you look so strange to us and please do not contact us unless you want to be embarrassed like you are now quiet but not the right way youre just extremely loud inside about to explode enraged