Obama, the strongest proponent of Black rights, will support one who supports Black peace the most. Obama was raised by a White mother in Honolulu, Hawaii (Birth-6) and Jakarta, Indonesia (Ages 6-10) and Hawaii again (10-) and his stepfather was Indonesian and his mom's parents were White (when she stayed in Indonesia with Mr. Lolo Soetoro when he was 10), and upbringing is the definition of culture. He, in skin, is equally white and black, but culturally he is white/Indonesian/Hawaiian. We must remember that racism was in our parents lifetimes, and we must end it.

Biden will be 86 in his hypothetical final term, which is above the average age for entry into a nursing home. His son, too, did some bad things; he isn't treated the same as all others, free, but he should be, not on Air Force One, which is dangerous for someone who is emotionally capricious.

Trump is a criminal with a mugshot. Who wants someone who violated a law he enforced? 

Future Hypothetical President De Santis still wants you to donate to the man who strangleheld Jordan Neely (NYC subway tragedy), that makes no sense. That's evil. Not much to say there. 

Kanye West is the best candidate (loving, funny, creative genius, self-made billionaire (richest in African-American history), quiet and stable, and always protective, as much as his emotions and the law allows), but right now he's so focused on ending White Nationalism worldwide (Thanks, Ye!) - Dr. Cornel West is the viable one for the next years. 

Dr. Taylor Swift (please respect her honorary degree, folks) will do the right thing, of course, and vote for the most viable candidate with the most interest in Black rights, Dr. West. She will tell her fans not to vote for an 86-year old - his LITERAL age in his hypothetical final term - (age is indeed associated with cognitive decline), but will inculcate a vote for Dr. West, who recently changed parties if that shit fucks u up. Too many politicians and companies pander to her, she is a bit of a laughingstock, and she should use her power the right way, so as to legitimize her political role. This role is new. She isn't a revolutionary. Kanye West is. His whole career has been a "war on racism" (please stop being weird, even the mentally ill don't go AWOL) like he promised us. Taylor has, um, donated a tiny portion of her net worth, and participated in a few BLM rallies or something? Or Instagram/Twitter posts. Maybe like 20? Or half the feed? Not seeing it here. But, yes, Dr. Swift for Dr. West, please and start now! Power will be handed down peacefully, so calmly and confidently, ] 

California's Current Legal Guardian, Gavin Newsom, has had some problems (drinking, adultery) and was nearly recalled by his own people. He has promised not to run ever in his life, so we'll respect his wishes until the end of our earthly lives! He, too, will support the one who supports Black rights the most, in his life, not just with words! 

Thanks, everyone. Thank you world for making your voice heard in 2024.