y'all hatin or whom, where it lead to, who breaking prayer chains, fake chain gangs

then praying it off, praying to kill ain't the move, angry fux? don't be, seek peace, but I'm without it, so howima be, do not

hate, love

love violently

love without pressure

love without intimidation

iont fuck with u kinda,

but i like those who challenge and accept pains, transforming love, not making others racists, not homophobic, judging individually, so ima need ya to know i ain't nothing like any of those who crazy violent racist, it's america, melting pot, you know, ain't asian, black, brown, white, it a mix of colors, not a crayola box, but a pollock

ima stay crazy, sedulous, and scarier than you, kittens, being led by whom, from where is this hub

this isn't right, tricky word, "right" doesn't mean Spiritually Correct, it's usually far-right, not very Spiritually Correct, it's actually a thing here, so um stop fighting, stop lying, and take scary people accountable, no matter whom