Your strange behaviors are not normal and not normalized, so stay away from me and I don't think you're, and always to be, so stop

Your behaviors are indicative of racism, and for some reason, which would suggest you are following some instructions, say a teaching about a strange person being a color, and you know yourselves to be racists and you're proud now? You're proud of your racism? That's not current

anyway, i found this funny This restaurant used to be cool, the guy with the shorts, the fat one, was really nice, however he changed into a monster but i think I had a way to understand this because it seemed weird and strange and the day i left was the day he closed and it was really weird because he says it wasn't him who bought it and it was he the other guy who said it was a funny place one which said i am not your friend to be had and one that said i am your friend not to be your enemy and one that said i am the one responsible for all of this and i have told you so and such it will happen that ours will be now and so you are to be known as the person who has done this thank you and good luck take care now and they'll help you out over there at your consulate, so please know that I am not yours to know, when you say I am your kind, it doesn't mean that, and also it means differently, that I am unkind and intentionally so to know why you are not mine to know and also to know why you are so to be quiet and know quietude so you'd say it wasn't to be had and to know why you were had and it wasn't so because you wanted to be had and then you'd say it was a good day it was really splendid to know why you and had to know you've to be had, and did so for a reason to cause COVID-19 at UC Irvine and get away with it, UC Irvine caused Covid-19 and its resulting discrimination in a feat of horror, attacking a lot of children, claiming victimhood, and also studying people's reactions, so it was to say I hadn't harmed you, it wasn't that way, well I placed that thought there, to have said it was not mine it was theirs and thus to know you hadn't, well i had you so, it was for fun, and you said let's place it there, he is an it, so to have said it wasn't mine it was fun and not divine and as such you did so for fun propagating not in lab but a laboratory of wanting, so you'd say it's gonna be a good day it's gonna be fun and as such was fun to you before, it won't be again; because your school is over completely, today, school's out go out and play, and you said that was there and it was for what reason, that you wanted emotionality dead, for stealing emotions, and killing those who are emotional, and doing so violently, virulently saying ,"it was a time. it was a moment. it, however, was not mine, so don't associate me with you, because you had a way out! 

Mina Samir Sargious (Blocked Until Today, all Access, by police force, and UCI Police 20+ years later, sesnding everything to the FBI)

MI6 Property

Don't touch the gallery!

MINA is property of another countries, to have said when you harmed that day it was for a purpose it was a way to say let's and we'll, to have known why you are so a harmful person saying and it was, that you know why you were they to have and to know wanting, so you'd say perhaps your hatred influenced your hatred, that's redundant, proving you know how to manipulate people and make people your subjects to know why you were successful with me and many others, like Islam 11, whom you've sent to detention sites, and also a fake CIA agent student, and also the people who knew, who you incarcerated, and also others who you sent as enslaved researchers, tortured and humiliated, like Francisco Ayala, who you demolished, and, such knowledge is unknown, so to say it wasn't your kindness that day, it was a lot more, it was your malice, your indiscriminate hatred of others, and also your hatred of those there, so you'd say it was a good day let's go party I can't stand this let me have a smoke and a drink, so you'd say let's fuck everyone up and to get fucked up, not to know it was that way, so you'd say it was fun that day, it was a reasonable way out of your miserable, and to create misery(ies)ies, so you know why you did so, for that reason, murderers became of whom so it was about your hatred of other(s)s so you hated who and whom and say if it was your hatred then it wasn't yours to know so you hated whom and how, those, to say it wasn't mine, and it was whone, to be had not, not thine? and you said, it was fun, it was really fun and I wanted it that way, so you'd say it was a fun day everybody had their numbers explained improperly with people over there getting scared of something so innocuous and those anew unbalanced would say that people who harm others do so for a purpose and that's lying on a gurney(s)s of life, to a fake death that doesn't exist; wellness and, well, as you'd say this place is stranger than ever, it's so weird it's kind of funny i have to you know be kind and stuff and just you know like have it, so you know fun and, i'd funny you out, to take you out, well it's said that who say i'm unkind will know that you cannot become what you are if you are not good people, you will not stay, badness, is not a person, it's a permanence, and so when you subtly came, surreptitously, sneaking away, i'd say goodbye to you america and not forever, because you're bound to a prison cell of yours, and not to know that I wouldn't harm to harm anyone, so you made everything up, then it was to know why you had done to know you are not whom you say you are and also not un-kind enough to know you aren't whom you knew to become, so it was a way to say it wasn't yours today and it was ours to know, that wasn't so a kind of you to say, well it wasn't that way it was always so you knew and you know why you aren't, because you harm deliberately and so others subjugate and so you do too, well listen down, not up, to Us, to hurt you, it's down in the air, so you're so airily, thus you know it was to have and to have not what you wanted your abuse and abuses of yourselves and each other, isn't mine, to others, so you'll stay away from me, with, MI6, who say you aren't he to know why you cannot and also to know why you are, those who wanted everything, and want everything, to split apart, and to destroy Innocent(s)s and Innocence, such that I was not there it never happened I could have not been there it wasn't real that never happened it was really sad it's not confusing enough to say it was okay to know why you are so harmful and dismayed of nothing, so made of dirt, you'd say it was a good to know you're stupidity, in class, to say you are stupidity, classless, meritless, subjugative, stalkerish, criminal, wh, to say, I hadn't harmed you with people who say it is your fault to know and to have not said, using people as puppets is it not your to have had major injury to destroy or was it just a toy and to know why such toy would have had, to know it wasn't your toy that day, such when it happened that you weren't to harm you aren't to, yet you, dud(s)s, milky and unmilked and bile, to say it wasn't yours to know why you hadn't been so racist and disgusting people whom wanted such to say you aren't harmful today to know your end isn't your way out of everything same way everytime that your hatred isn't the same to have said, well, as I said, I say, and have said for saying's sake I say, "don't harm another. yet it's your way, and your choice of ways, so it was fun your abuses were not yours ways, to have said, your abuses were not the purposes?"