but not like that

you gross rapists

stop defelcting blame

to be entitled females

disgusting rapists

it's all online today, all the kids know

still trying

hopefully your kids know what it's like to be enabled I PRAY WE PRAY

;) cry with a smile

rape descriptoin

of all rainn victims, not you the rapists and their friends

who'd you rape today fbi-cia-similars-ups box box box

ups is not hacked it's obviously a illegal government entity

disgusting rapists gonna be banned extra-nationally and apple is gone to them so e-mail timcook@apple.com see if he can stop the rapists

rapes like this are considered war offenses because information is stolen when raped, these are the worst governmental rapes historically

these are rape offenses to steal information just like hitler and culpability is on the rapists their enablers and the fake victims, working together to rape terrorists Al Qaeda terrorists

navalny was poisoned scary german sounding word by someone with poison like himself a person who doesn't know h im wouldn't don't that, murderers he didn't kill, only scarily rape star is not rap star kkk slang tortured

they're not being punished i'm not being contacted so this extreme levels of torture to rape victims of theirs, using tricks

it's weird olympic training like you do it for so many years for like two weeks or one week and then after all the love and adulation, you're back at it so hard steroids would make you bulk up result fabricated just complete fabricated

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