Rape is a significant crime and rapists are prevalent in the medical and baseball fields, suggesting that each rapist is continuously raping with the same tactics using other people, so before you dial that number, remember that number is wrong, and you have committed a new crime, so ms what's your name where are you from you racist bitch im going to send for you means that youre a fucking racist and not representative of armenia and also disgustingly discussing medical information is not legal of taylor swift, so ms whats your face look like I'm going to have you give me the money now in the name of my girlfriend, someone you will not see in person again, and also to remember two things; rape is not legal, nor is Sodom your husband's wife, to rape further, and also ms i dont have that to know i'll let you know why and where you are from is not you you disgusting thug of a person who is a racist and a pornographically violent one, note you are not to call me again, nor my girlfriend's friends, so emergency contact is whom where is he and why so shut the fuck up you're going to give my girlfriend her money now, you racist bitch

Traitor to no one, terrorist to everyone, you'll be treated worse than them right now. It's really no option. If UK doesn't want to do the dirty work, i'll call my friendly persian partner. It's going to happen as soon as this up; you'll be taken and videotaped and streamed online for all to watch the most violent tortures they didn't imagine. And to know who else was involved through interrogations, that will happen as soon as someone squeals, "help scared" you're scared. And not enough, to say how scary I am to you, fear God? Hmm. You scary thugs, i don't mess around, when i say you're dead is final!







Theme: Why

Theme: i didn't deserve this

Theme: i hate you America

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate america so much

theme: i hate america so so much that i would kill an american to do this: kill america

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate americans

theme: i hate american tree paine, brian warner

theme: i hate taylor swift attorneys

theme: i hate attorneys

theme: i hate attorneys

theme: i hate children

theme: i hate mina

theme: i hate everyone

theme: i'm not lying in bad all  day

theme: i hate taylor swift's attorneys, meaning the FBI and CIA

theme: i hate american university system, in particular uci

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate

theme: how dare you

theme: how dare you

theme: how dare you

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate america

theme: i hate someone, named trent reznor

theme: i hate trent reznor

theme: i hate atticus ross

theme: i hate americans who abuse others

theme: i hate americans who abuse people

theme: i hate him

theme: i hate her

theme: i hate you whispering, "you're so kind." "to me." "thank you for being" "so kind" "to me." "I hate you, Mina's!" "I hate you, Mina S." "I hate you, Mina so much!" "I hate you so, to, hate others, and I hated you forever, this is not a good person." "I hate myself, not to hate you, but to hate you." 

theme: I hate you so much.

theme: I hate.

theme: I hate. no one. i hated no one. so they hated me. to hate someone. i hated someone? whom? so that's a lie.

theme: I hate whom? isn't who. And I never hated who, you said I did. You lied openly, that person, named Tree Paine and those similar to her. I did not, was not. 






whom, it's language abuse.

You disgusting thug. I didn't talk to you that day. You are a liar. A manipulator, a con-artist, and a conwoman. I did not abuse Taylor Swift, nor her friend or anyone, and even if you say i did, it's therefore false automatically.


1. abuse

2. abuse

3. abuse

4. to correct, "abuse" is real. it is not an abstract.

-1. I did not abuse.

2. Whom is the proper descriptive term.

3. I


not abuse whom?

55, 1-0-1. 2-0,1 <I did not abuse, To say i didn't abuse anyone is an understatement, whom to do abused. Is such abuse? I am not abuse, but could be in a lyric poem of sorts; 







hah you out




to say i didn't, but I did with We 









no I didn't, We don't hate words, here,


did I? Hate whom?

no, to whom would end thus i hated a celebrity, not true, justin timberlake isn't famous, nor is kanye west anymore,



are still

infamous, saying

i hate


as you have


me and someone and his and or her ones


say whom

you aren't a

man, but a hater


scary thug, i didn't know, strange

to me?

would say, this thug, of




and, abuse

you chose to hurt, me with,

,to say i didn't but did know the false truth isn't fake, and people who hate


















i do












God realizes, that my truth is complete, and not false, this person is abusive by nature, so you called a person, to say, that i was a bad person, i'm not, so you abused me to take me out, and that doesn't work like that so let me fix it

You, sir, called my friend, to say, i hoped him well, took me, to there, to harass me, to say i wuzn't, that kind, but was kinder, than all, and said, i am a bad person


shops and steals from malls,

i don't go to malls,

i go to places,

that places isn't my mall, it's far away mall, to say i wasn't there,

with you,


without you,

did you rape me,

in a way,

to say i'm unkind and kind to some,

you scary, did you call me, to know, who i wasn't, to help the fbi, and hurt me directly, in harming my family, too, with your friends and family networks to say i wasn't there, but was, you thug, i didn't know you, i knew them, to say abusers don't work that way alone, so you collabd with her, to him, and with, to rape me, and them, so to say your heart is impure is a way too kind way to put it's deadened, so to be, which isn't alive, just verbally

and when you did that, tree paine, did you enjoy the fruits? did you enjoy the presents, and laughs? was it, the abuse of yours, funny, to you, did it make yough laughily cry, and have a good time, while i wasn't, and still lost and dazed and confused, so to say i wasn't a good person is a bad way, to say, you raped me financially and torturously so humiliated me, to take time and money, so you could, and i could too know you as a traitor, a terrorirst, soh, meaning, a person likely to be on the radar, to replace, and call me the terrrorist anyways? did it make sense to you, so I couldn't be you harassed me and raped me and tortured me in all sorts of ways, ? did you know how hard how painful how scary is painfulness now, to you, the abuser who took so it could not to, too, is not your hatred love i thought to know hatred, is to know, despair, i thought wrongly, toconquer is truth, and i conquered false, so this is true; i hated alana haim not that much, until later, she said, "you are naive," you thug hurt her, to enable rape, and raped her, with a person or without, a soul, to have fun with tree paine and alana haim's friends, so enjoy your death, andy s, i'll see you in Heaven all you rest as to say this happened a long time ago today; someone raped mariqueen and nardine it was the same, people who had fun to destroy angels together, with fun and naivete, to laugh and moan, so to say i'm a genius hey uc irvine you hired that man to do so, from the fbi, to sing with her, and destroy, later, to hire a serial killer, you say, oh wow scary, to come to my home alone, and kill, so to thrill, and make your pills work harder than ever, to say ; thank you edgar and staff at uci who worked with the team everywhere, saying "i got it. him." and that's all, to never be human, only inhumane, to fuck people, and make me go ? insane you thought, i'm still here, but enjoyment is near; you did not have to {hire}{{her}}{{{to rape me}}}

{{{life}}}{{is}}{always to be had, and forever so, when taylro told you lilit, you ran to him, and he to they, to rape together and still with james soliman, with that other priest, together to rape me, to send me off, knowingly, having the money to do so, giggle, moan, cry, and behave poorly. it was a team effort, with the church leaders, involving all aspects, to torture and have fun, too, knowingly before, and so much later, caught together raped in a pool of jesus's blood, let's go team, let's see some answers, and also he to rape us both, you scary fucks, and take everything, you scary fuck to have fun with her, taylor swift, and help her with church, you scary team before, all involved, to say the least of the most powerful, who worked hard to kill, and still is he angry alcoholic i'll see you homeless and drunk, in a house of anger, a never gotten energy return}

And all your money will be mine as soon as now! no trial, now gavin and lilit all who knew everewhere and paid how much for taylor swiftand st. mary's cleland entirely anyone benefitted and past partner now while it's livestreamed i'll put a tip, "God loves a cheerful giver."

your bitch shit not alive fed well