Middle-Eastern Lives Matter, not to a slave trade

We was sellin' whites like Taylor Swift

We'll wipe his nose with a handkerchief, okay Chief!

aggressive, predatory strange tactics, based on scariness n i ain't you, so i barr you, stranger, oh how i barr you

I cannot confirm the veracity of the initial article, however i can definitely say US has a higher health priority than the UK, where sizing is different and Cadbury Flake is not here, but there, and tastes different already here, and it's an important thing, to me, especially flaky wrappers hi grandma and grandpa

i was thinking, after i vomited in my mouth that nexium ain't bad if you buddy up so ima ask for chef jamie oliver although seems trivial to rapists and fake victims and their enablers, this is the culmination of decades of my work, and not just admiration of a film, nor of the concept of heroism, it's about Originality, Style, and Ownership

do not fuck me in the mouth do it sideways and please leave me out of your bedroom antics asses and motherfuckers doesn't mean that literally stay away from little boys and girls? doesn't mean that, it's about rape of Spirituality

such murderous sorts the random kid in class who says he has a genius idea but heard about it the previous day, woman who participates then denies so is unwomanly

disgustingly, seeking to mock who you are, by being a piece of trash, not the entire bin, but a discarded item, a thing that doesn't belong to you, that's rape and mocking celebrating who I, the Innocent, am