this isn't easy, it's not cause y'all abusing, it's cause i stronger than y'alls abuse

i wan know if you hood or not, so you drive the hood top off and see there are no way to get inside, without being outside, so to know kindness you go through directly, not from the outside

if you cannot enter a building, without fitting, it cannot work, so this is stated clearly; do not enter a house to not fit in it, so houses are not really homes, anyway, and they need to be a certain size, not just that, a certain shape, so houses are shaped and homes are sculpted, so to say your home is not a house is not correct, also that home is owned by the house, it's the house's home, not vice versa, so the home is not yours, ever, and the united states of america is the owner of home, not the house, so to say if i am a housekeeper is a homemaker not truly, so the housekeeper is a homemaker, to say the housekeeper is only because of the homekeeper, it's a switch of roles, and important to note, as the housekeeper is the home's, and the house's, not, so to say, i'm here to be at your home soon, is incorrect, i'll be house soon, and later, so sooner than later, i'll see you at your house and visit your home, is proper i think to say it's for this reason; if i visit you, i can stay, and you visit the home of mine, you can become mine, it's bad english, but also bad custom, so if you come to visit me, can i stay always doesn't work, visit me to stay at my home, and never leave, so i know you're safe, and always at home, if you go, then you'll leave to become a house, and it's not homely to say, a homily, because homily is always, and not in the future, to say, if i said a prayer and made a homily of it, "would my home stay a house? would my home become others?"

burn my diploma do not want to be associated with shiva taghdis and fbi not associate with america at all, ::steps away::