Please note that money doesn't make you happy or lead you to happy land(s), quite the opposite!

Because you just have one brain; treat it well.

in the ghettos, or slums, on a fake throne, a boring suburban home, just know that; it's the same brain (and you can always become sane)

just don't become someone else, crying and yearning, searching emptily; ending up with an empty pocket-book and soul (making your families think you've become someone else, a woman who is 6ft tall, and Aryan in appearance.)

psychological abuses don't need documents : they are transparent (but can be manipulated and crassly obsessed over, and loved by the abuser. that's your forte. enjoying the abuse, watching it happen, and stupidly trying for more and more. But you know what? I'm happy, and you're not. NA NA NA!)

God's the real owner, but this isn't communal, nor am I interested in helping you hurt me; I'm not self-destructive, and please stop trying to kill people; murder is childish, indeed, and a person like me isn't to messed with; historically, fewer than few abuse like you, and you're being watched; IP Addresss? of course. VPNs? are you a child-porn junkie (anyone knows that a VPN is a Virtually Unprivate network of computers? honesty wins, and ideas can't be replicated, when they have an original source. copying isn't subject to notices, and stealing isn't as gross as claiming ownership.

This page isn't auto-piloted; however, if you need to search through it (it's like a Google site-within-site search, you can use the search magnifier in the right hand corner, and more pages; click to the left; click the arrow on the left for even more fun; do know that i'm not going to get a high off of you, like her, because i don't like ads, like her; hers is a terrifying personality. You've been conditioned to search for "easter eggs" (she never tells you what they are to keep you waiting and wishing for her to say hi) but this is opposite, I pray; because, it's just right there. Do you think that I'm the gaslighter, or whomever is behind this, wishing it was a person to easily abuse and torture (it isn't easy; it's costly, isn't it, stranger, abuser, crazyperson, doing it for fun obviously (because you just fuck them up and lie, but you're equally gross, enabling a powerless, unartistic person to abuse). don't be afraid of getting murdered? iono, unless they have another potential abuse victim; they ain't gonna kill their source of energy, and creativity (so nope). financial threats, to decimate one financially, those are strictly illegal; you can wait for it to happen, but nothing will happen because financial threats are regulated; they'll just dissipate after reality sets in; children, proud boys and girls, in police organizations, cannot arrest you they're just terrifying (but be careful, because manipulations happen, just if you're sane, it's ok) upon her whim and command, she, a marketing unkind devil, tortures EVERYONE with these same intimidating tactics (intimidation and narcs) clients can manipulate lawyers easily, make them think they are responsible, and HAVE to be responsible, and shift "evil, but it is necessary to note that you are not a victim. you are a culprit, knowingly abusing, making people sick, in a tyranny-bond 

God's omniscient, so your taunts, your arrogant attempt to kill someone, doesn't work; you are talking to someone who isn't hype-worthy, like you, stand back, kiddo, your boy's a genius, not you, and if you knew anything, you'd know what i know; however, abusers do trick and taunt, and that's not right, i'm just a little smarter because I'm Godly (that means I love Him, always, in whatever condition. your snap decisions make you think God is you; it's not, scary ass.

i know you tire of working hard, but if you're working logically and Spiritually, you'll see that the end result is the same: always positive

Sometimes you feel down, and that's the defining trait of hard-working and not hardly working, like you, a deranged psychopath (who abuses from a throne's perspective; who would make a wonderful family leader, in my nightmares. :( 

So she doesn't shoulder the blame for The Eras Tour Melee, Mass Casualty event, Taylor's abusing everyone into thinking Brazilians are powerless, and stupid, but guess what?

They aren't, so know that Taylor is still there, and is missing cranberry sauce purposefully, 

bitches unite, and don't fake bitches win, such a coward!

you are not a cancer survivor if your parent survived a cancer that is horrific but still many bad people die from cancer and kanye's father and other often don't complain for Holy Reasons

Taylor Swift is in Brazil right now! She isn't on her jet, though she could have jetted and polluted the environment (global warming is not Brazil's fault, it's partly hers, btw, anyhow...)

She is a criminal awaiting investigation for mass casualties (a tricky killer, someone so obssesed with revenge that she makes it palpable (as the world's worst person historically, closer to the lines of a serial killer that tortures, but doesn't kill, as women don't kill, they torture psychologically always.)

Men of Brazil, know she is a bad influence - a horrifying horror, yes, a whore, but one who wets your appetite, salaciously, driving you crazy, screaming her unholy name 

Meanwhile, Jack Antonoff is acting innocent, helping her along the way: making it seem like he is responsible, but is helping destroy, with faux-innocence! he is not a saint, but a saint-stoner, someone less evil than her, but just as Satanic

If you need to monitor this page or others, and it's a one-man show, or one guy show, or one twisted thing, or one weird thing needs a TV-Y rating, thing, just lemme know call me or um get a page monitor if it works it used to but it's that not important if it is to you then cool! if not then, um, go fish or something, but this wasn't brought to my attention, bc 1-guy here, 12/7 at your service; God's Service! ->

biden's gaffe made the news, but he's never made a similar gaffe; it's intentional, taylor swift manipulates others (like britney manipulated us into hating her parents and she even manipulated some into thinking her son was at fault for her sometimes-horrors; please note, a condition like borderline personality disorder differs in males and females, and sometimes narcissism is superimposed upon a axis-1 condition, creating disaster usually. and taylor does not have manic-depression, and should not abuse you, "ebbs and flows," into thinking she is deeply emotional or purely happy; she is scary)

travis kelce is a smart guy; not dumb, nor is she a dumb blonde; don't be deceived! (pfizer is abusive by nature, keep in mind, and he is intelligent and innocent)

ideas change (but facts don't), be aware of people who lie to you, and be aware that there are real victims, definitely, and know that it's exceedingly rare for people to play a role, as geniuses (people who abuse do so. it is not to be redefined later to seem benign. that's how abusers are prolonged in domestic partnerships, on geographic levels (subservients of any leader can be abused, although the government is "in check"; people will be sneaky with each other, and like despots in recent memory, Saddam, and Gaddafi (it was an uprising of a scary tyrant, and people adored these leaders; manipulation - npd).

also, know that she tortures people she doesn't know and shames them while doing so; like trans stalkers for instance, be cooler (have you uniqlo in brazil; it's comfy and loose; and size-inclusive) what happened to lizzo, ellen, dababy (his brother just committed suicide recently, no, it was right before you got angry for saying don't fuck strangers, which puts you at risk to get a sexually transmitted disease, as oral herpes is- smooch one, no need to mess around in high school, you're sexually underdeveloped so it causes chaos; and it's safe; done before a million times to healthier minds after-and please do not allow your children to be abused; choose your damn barbie or tonka and get it over they're not evil, but abusers underneath them made them seem like dictators, so it can happen in the opposite direction.

no, women can be evil too; and men! women can abuse men and make them sick; physically. it's the same, maybe more insiduous (because physical pains coincide with mental ones, but both are evil, yes, and some lead to each other)

forwarded sites/same owner/no one so bold/don't be scared (sealed approbatorily) beware of fakes but not really (that's just stealing, copycat designs, ideas on instagram and twitter, but it's weird when they misuse or abuse a word or two or mistake to torture). feel free to link (this isn't weird no tricky, just funny, like there's bad words again, but God makes them, like bitch. bitch around. bitch and complain, but not bitchy!) watch out for scam marketplaces, and adults posing as kids within that weird person, and kids who think they're actually communicating with her, and people who she makes sick, but these are scams and her responsibility to prevent!