did puff daddy's bodyguard kill kim porter, to frame puff daddy, to achieve money and notoriety and make himself look like a hero, and look like someone who loves well? it seems that this is obviously unreal. so is probably right

you're not going to make me look crazy

dior is not a hero, but an enabler; as they torture me, and others, to risk my life for others' safety, unlike a quick fix, it's a destruction, no I won't enable anything, lazy abusers

don't get worse

the thing is. while you tortured the entire world while glorifying a abuse-fake-victim, which enabled so many abuses, you did  worse crimes (why, where is the humanity, you want me to ask, but I SEEK GOD ALWAYS, perhaps the most responsible for in the media and definitely with people who don't want to see his picture everywhere, with a good scent? that shouldn't cover up (trick

crocodile tears, don't threaten me with grossest abuses, do not break the law, don't scare people Ellen! (don't cancel her, you don't represent abuse victims Taylor), monsters don't change so I don't forgive you, nor you Master Deceivers, Taylor and Johnny, both very popular narcissists who pretend to be victims, who sexually assault young girls, kids in schools, enable school shootinngs (Manson-Columbine-Depp) You are not understanding, "you are worse than anyone can imagine." do not mock your murders, or else you would've changed, and I do not believe you people are capable of that. RIP, on God, prevent it, and let our tears flow (hopefully not to artistically murder innocent

I WILL NOT ENABLE RAPES NOR KNOWN RAPISTS, NOR ABUSERS, WHO RAPE PSYCHOLOGICALLY, BUT., WORST OF ALL, THE FIGUREHEAD OF THIS GROSSNESS, THE RAPIST, IS NOT ALLOWED TO, but no one protects us but GOD (what's just for a rapist a suit-up? the same fate of a drug dealer (USA deals drugs, and profits from CBD's), know, no, disgusting attempted-crucifiers


your girls are not to be protected from me, because they enable you :(
I did not fight my battles for fake victims, nor rapists, nor groping-victims, who still lie :)

YOU ARE NOT TO LAUGH AT MY FIGHTS FOR THOSE WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO FIGHT BACK; no thanks, and I do not and will not help you Rape

the kids who enabled you and adults won't be believed anymore, Amen. I will fight harder, for God

FUCK RAPISTS WHO RAPE INNOCENT, and it's on god pinky swear weirdos, WHO LETS ABUSERS RAPE not my thing, i won't let happen SWEAR TO GOD fuck you up devils

This one's for the rapists and their enablers proven

stop representing cancer victims, you pussy witch, and know that I know it, your dancing while people got one last breath

KILL RAPISTS, THOSE WHO STEAL INNOCENTS, YOU AGREE?  Of course you do, don't rape, with a fake rape victim, who wasn't groped and fabricated to enable monsters and to stop real victims from being bleieved, crying every night, faking victims out even, like Johnny Depp's fake crying, so gross, they think they're invincible because you can't even scare them legally (the most hideous disgusting things) hile they toast their abuses, disgusting

God can outsmart, right, that's why the devils marilyn manson and taylor swifti failed miserably and are facing the music finally. documentary coming soon, c/o the best in the business (someone who knows that rape is gross, and that you will be taken to God's Court soon)