it could be that the lack of spirituality in the world (which has a mutually destructive effect at times, seemingly) and has necessarily pernicious results, is the result of the lack of art (literature, philosophy, translations/depictions), in places that need it. art must be to understand everywhere, but it isn't right now, a lot of people don't have a proper understanding of spirituality as it's not been understood, correctly, art is spiritual!

when you die you live on through others to offer your glorification of God that way, to live within the world as Godly, to be eternally spiritual on Earth, for True Spirituality, which remains always, without fail, Godliness (not the becoming of something you are not, but staying individual, learning how to improve God's Glorifications, through history, yourself, and the people who you will be around you), and do not harm others, ever, because that is Evil, a proof of Evil in itself, and anti-Godly, which the opposite of Godly