steve you my friend it's okay anyway i told you directly that if mother mary is angry with me i will be angrier with her and i don't play games nor do i play spades it's too much food on my plate to eat sometime i like to eat quick sometime i like to eat slow it's your prayer that sustains yet I still don't have an answer to my 911 inquiry are you okay it's 9-1di1-111119 Are you okay it's 9

I need to know why Donnie McClurklin is not a happy person and only that he is yet to know that he is not fallen but risen in Christ and saved in Jesus blood washed in the blood of Mary and cleansed that he is not dirt yet filth is only of his property; i did not intend your anger to become of mine and yet I do not know why I am yet so you'll find my anger in peace and I do not have my anger spoken of nor my peace and I do not have my anger enraged for no reason! i do not have my mind alone. it is not my mind alone. do not mind my mind. and do not answer of it! and if i had more I couldn't give less

had i not known you are a terrorist i would've asked you to not walk without me it is yet your walk to heaven i had not yet seen it is yet in your dream i take of your my nightmare is yet to have happened yet is yet the only happening of that is your taking to destroy is yet not known take to make is yet had, take you, to that place, it is your doing that you wish and for your pined soul i wished i had not yet seen it is yet my dream, put in my heart is your mind and i had not you headed to my hearted, and i had asked yet I had not received it is yet you to do that I had not only yet and I had yet, that you had wished for your own is yet decided.

and it is yet that you want more of it, then you had it with me.