you are yet, and are. it is yet. it is are. it is your decision. it is you're. it is that you're not. it is that you have done. you have yet. it it yet. you had yet discussed, that you had, it was your doing, at tii, it is your doing, that you had yet do, it is that you had, yet only yet. had. it is yet that you had yet had not, and you had not yet to and effect your choice, that you had brought a child to your torture chamber is your torture and yet told yet to it is, that you are that terrorist and your enjoyer of, and yet told it is your to know that you are, a child to not know, with your stupidity noted and your malice and it is, abuser

the plan for the houseless is simple. it involves your abuse. it involves your tyranny. it involves your decision-making. it involves stalking and terorrism. there is no more to terrorism than meets the eye. the start of terorrism is economic despair ostensibly making the government its own financier, it means that you are not a contact for other nations, blocking communication usually and seeking that blockade actively torturing other nations into fake agreements and military strategy that is not only incoherent, but it is deeply rooted in dark behaviours. It has that property that you seek only the elevation of a particular group and the delevation of another. it has your desire written all over it - "take make and 'sicken' and that is your objective that you want to sicken, whom is not yet healthy, because you had your opportunity, you took it" and you made it another, taking the houseless, and dissidents to task of how do sicken and how do i not, yet sicken more than i already have it is your decision to have your torture becoming your sickening and using your torture means at your disposal to torture actively using teh pretext "i see you and want you" that is your pretext for torture! and this torture had your opportunity noticed, only to have taken it to task, it had your opportunistic natural, it is not yet, whom is your to know that iti syour decision that you had not only yet become of yours a torturer is notyet, only to take, is your to give, with each houseless taken for granted is less to say, whom is your to take, is your toy not to take, is your decision, that you had my heart not known, yet only to harm, is your decision not that? then, why are you so angry, it is not, then you are not to know, that your decision-making is permanent, not yet that person whom is your entity, it is not person, yet you want, it is your decision yet not only that decision, yet is your making, to take and injure, it is your, and not my, yet you had your decision made, to injure yet not, and had you not injured enough then you had, as you are not to know that your anger, is not visercal, it is that you cannot, and only have you organization work to harm, yet only with, making is your decision, and not taking is not mine, with your active torturer, a toll, is not yet rung, yet is your, is that person, yet know, it is that being, it is your taking, that thinks I can do it I am strong yet you arte not it is your decision, and you have your decision-maker, whom is not yet known, only to make, it is not a decision, yet 5150, it is that you want to make, and your decision is that, "how can I injure" and how can I not, using all elements of torutre, hide, kill, and find your hatred, in another, you are not yet capable, only to tundestand, that I had not yet understood a person yet an america, it is yet understood how horrid your child dis, a terroristr, whom is noty et a person, and only, that is your not to know that I had a person, avow, it is the decision, yet only because it is your and it is not your to know that you are not yet alone in your hatred only in.   your lovred as you had opportunity to emiprtsion yet had not and used hat pretext "go and seek" it is your decision to "go and seek" only not yet , and it is my decision only to know, that you had not yet decided , only decided upon ,y our hatred

it is that rape, and you had your torture, is is to that youthat you are not, because you had that opportunity, yet deny that opportunity and had your opportunity no

you overexcited little fucking cunt, you are ugly, you look like a cunt that's been fucked five times and have your dad hold your hand is your mo and my anger your slut is your person whom is angry and your nigger is that whom is your to know is y our torturer to stand and dance is your decision not to obey my order, and fund my mission against you, it is not your doing, you are hapless and pointless, yet the person is not, yet the helper is not your victim, as you are not kind and angry enough.

and my anger is not careless and your rage is your rape, and your child, a disgusting slut, whom is gross and slimy, and "reactive" it is not your, you take and not give.

i see an opening i have it for the taking and will not have it because you have been contacted by iran for next in kin process already established (blackgreen)