warning: rape, torture documents (with active blood, cvs pharmacy, apa, nfl, dish network, fbi, cia etc.)

you're there, i'm here, a target of the Israel-Hamas war, still not acknowledging defeat and it's disgustingness whom authorized war documents they will need to sign war documents regarding israel-hamas war, targeting me

This is an attack on every vessel of my body, and you're actively politically poisoning me at CVS Pharmacy, without a care, and just trying to kill me now, and they knew Pogosian NileQTPie Haspel 

venable works with university to califronia, knowingly as well

the israel war against hamas, is directed towards me. that's understood by you.

this is not "joke" it is a crisis (i do not use e-currency, by the way, to fund these efforts, that is not how money is legitimately transferred, never have)

sexual torture of mina  israel war against hamas (by the United States of America)

the israel war against hamas was launched by the united states of america agaisnt hamas, (Mina)

it lost that war

that is acknowledged by you, and you need to acknowledge defeat, not keep pushing forward I am not to be erased, nor claimed victory over