it do but don't matter to me, means that I do not condone wearing socks in the wintertime? no, i actually do? but birkenstock? overstocked?

get out of here, there ain't supposed to be socks no more? black ashy feet? it's quite okay for a gangster to wear sandals?

they're insolent, whatever

birkenstock boxes box box box

alooof helper bobby fischer? calm down, old women and men, this isn't for your kids either

i think your kid has autism and casn't control violence, she's really terrorizing me, along with your kids, and your parents, your stupid parents, your inept stupid parents helping you with moods, i'll take your victim hostages from u anyday we are doing the 5150 for narcissists i told u i do a lot

 i retain the highest medical doctoral hard God's words are expletives, too, in the universe - keep that in mind, and by the way i take certain offended victims very seriously, sweeties :) i mean that i die for those i love :) but it doesn't mean that