guns and threats and kill and hurt are codes for abuse victims that the government stopped so scarily with me, and i didn't even use codes for code sfor them, so if you cuold please stop the nike one, that's fake, and the letter to the church fbi stuffs is to say very complex you use to abuse then are a abuse too

Property of the Slaves


United Kingdom

if i had it i would've if i didn't then i would so i knew you would to say you wouldnt to rape five girls and one guy to be a bitch, you flew the towers to rape me and girls to have fun with you fucking psychos this ain a joke i will shoot you down to know why you hate everyone you fucking rapists i saw you fly to flew a blew a blow an be a soul you ain to know so without you would be so people see what you aint be an i know you gon be what you aint. -MI6

the united states of america kidnapped and raped virginal british women and men, and they were recovered, and we were blamed for their rapes

it's so sad they're so devolved, they even tried killing a new team member to steal our information they're getting violent now just to steal more showing their devolved natures

not to worry, we have mi6's mina in america for that reason to stop this in the united kingdom permanently and to recover him and his work, and to preserve what's been raped and to find who else may be at harm

they're utilizing the most bane tools, their fbi torture handbook as a method to rape, it's typical they're just animals they're banned don't worry We Have MI6, and MI6's Mina smiles

this is the work of mina samir sargious and no one else if i fucking a word about me ima fuckin shoot i dont fuck around when i hit so gon blood and nigga outside ain playing with his stick

if you suck my cock i'll fucking blow your ass for it i eat ass not lick pussy you fucking diet cola bitch

there are murders involved documented to combat the fakeness so asinine to know your abuses to say they're everywhere it's only localized and you alone to not even contact whom so tortuous and strange, also blocked a few to know end so that podcast is not real it's propaganda so psychopathic so cia of them it's at (no "m")

"chaining men to the ceiling, naked except for a diaper, with no lights on with Marilyn Manson's tunes blaring, for more than a fortnight, but they were playing you to think that Gina Haspel didn't laugh while she raped you

Salt Pit is good for interrogations because it is the closest thing he (name disclosed on CIA website) has seen to a dungeon"

If you rape ever another person, we will kill you this is an order to that woman wishes to be a man the she is a man you are disturbing sensibility in the world and will be executed and raped with your children you thugs who wanted me to raped and to know your deaths will be violent and that guarantee is known this behavior is disturbing in pedophilia of children and rooted in your hatred of children this will go down you are now raped so violently tortured for your violence i have issued a rape and it will happen by necessity and by obligation you are a rapist and to have to protect Innocent children always before you and I will know the joys of your sorrows, as this rape will be committed now to know end of your hatred and to know you are stalking an individual SO FBI OF YOU to know you are stalking children raping children and looking through photos of children to rape further you are a rape squad and known to be scary to kids, so I have ordered a rape of your family members and it will happen now your family in particular to know your disgustingness and your nastiness towards children this will be commmited now "five four two one rape" and a rape kit won't be ready for you it will be violent it will be sadistic and it be tortured, the documents showing the rape it will show your rape of children was rooted in your rape of me at the airport so you could rape children you viewed video of the rape and raped afterwards this is a murder order of that airport officials and a rape order of his children now and forever in the name of God Amen and also in the name of your death today, pedophile of children this is a protective order to stay away from children permanently

if you think a rapist about to view a video of an Innocent person and jack off to it i ain't playin with you i will kill you and rape your fucking family i don't play my words and i think you did that to view it afterwards to mock me after your raped me, you fucking psychopaths FBI fucking Shiva Taghdis fucking ugly ass two bitch next to her weird as hell need help i will fucking shoot to shoot you down fucking psychosis i ain't healthy that mean i'll tell you that list is entirely illegal there is no such thing as a No Fly List in another country, and the Selectee List is completely illegal too all racists of your torturous ass choosing, so choose a bitch your dad or your daddylonglegs sucker so this groping aint right but this is about hating and playin around after with your dick bitched you are kicked out of the airspace for that reason america fucking liars it's british hour

ain't no one booking American Airlines a terrorist, except yall, block yall from the air fake recordings of your orgasms fucking your dad to bitch a nigga, so you know they say ain't a bitch harder, to fuck down, a steady wipedown a splitback and the hatred of your hatred, so know it, you're going to jail your ass in the air suspended with your stuckass to know you ain't a bitch, to get a fuckdown, just a know a bitch to never see i b to anti and i say i bleed so i know you dead with a doubly bare ass of your dicks which i choose a hard or belie to know your hatred, gon see, i see you in the aisle flying off to a state of bitchness

the air cabin pressure right? right i own your aircraft and i owned you before you flew, so to know

if i had it i would've if i didn't then i would so i knew you would to say you wouldnt to rape five girls and one guy to be a bitch, you flew the towers to rape me and girls to have fun with you fucking psychos this ain a joke i will shoot you down to know why you hate everyone you fucking rapists i saw you fly to flew a blew a blow an be a soul you ain to know so without you would be so people see what you aint be an i know you gon be what you aint. -MI6

also, the no fly list walk to mexico, go back out you can't bidirectional wall scary no coyote knows how to howl in the middle of the day, it doesn't work it isn't an extra-national thing

hi carol i am a r n a r a nn aa nn a A

and people who hate do so for a reason, to feel something, like taylor swift, who is disgusting, and smells like travis kelce's sister-in-law's kids, and who looks like a demon, because she is a demon like her mother-in-law, who looks more witchy than her man says she does and looks worse than a clown gone backwards to the circus vip entrance, where there are animals of all kinds similar, chimpanzees and piglets of all kinds, not to say there aren't men and women, because there are hanging with themselves in arcades late at night, and with their families, singing songs of others, and becoming themselves, like their forefathers and foremothers, so if you were birthed, then you weren't created, and if you weren't created then you aren't a person, but an animal, sure it's easy for you to say you're a human, but i looked at the records here, and they show diagnoses, and one diagnosis too much for me was that diagnosis, you hid behind it, atheism, which is now a mental disorder, because i classified it, in my own book, which is available online, here, and you're reading, instead of doing your play studies, travis kelce, and please play nice, it's hard to look at the lines, i know, so between them, i'll say i hate you and want you, to know, i really hate you to know me, it's what she said, to know i am you, to leave me, sara, and my friends alone, without yours, to know womanhood perfected, not with you near them, so to know you, i've known us

most people in homes are homeless, they lack homes, so they build them, i love people without homes, because they know how to build their own, and mine is home, to them, unlike yours, to they

This is MI6's Mina, and I don't know FBI that well to say FBwhy are you reading this you stupid pricks, this is a pedo sting, and where you get your pedicures bro they need their tip jar filled up and i am full of tips for you how to teach your daughter how to better women then your wives taught them

I think it would be a good idea to put this on my website, a picture of someone waiting to see what happens next at the center for disease control, and to know why it’s there, to inform about suicide statistics and friendship options in an emergency like a phone with video for places that people are sad at, like malls and homes, of despair, and known abused victims, to find help, also to help those who don’t have help, like the homeless, when troubled, to know when and where to not to be troubled, like emergency numbers, for shelters for the homeless, and to cover their friends, with an attached gazebo and shelter from stor literally and figuratively

Do you know how to watch time? I watched the time today and it was wrong! I watched time and it was timely and I bought a time to time out my friend and also my time to timer

One time I bought timeshare and I timed it and it was untimely and I timed out my timer at the Tiffany store where it was a time to buy and it was a good time at the wedding and I thought it was time for a timepiece

I have a time to go at the timer at times square to buy a timer for times square that is a cartier

And to know hate is to say I am hateful strange and not kinder than most

I have a new idea drop iPhone back to change screen